Fabrizio Frosini

Gold Star - 159,764 Points (1953 / Tuscany, Italy)

Pioggia Di Sangue - Poem by Fabrizio Frosini

[13 Novembre 2015, Parigi - l'Europa, il nostro mondo]

Codardi, indegni, spietati,
Pretendono rispetto per se stessi, senza
Neppure fingere rispetto per gli altri.

Sguardi freddi, sguardi crudeli, privi di umanità
—Compassione non è quello che cercano.

Nel seguito di amore ed odio
Che dà colore al loro mondo interiore
La loro vacuità ti dà i brividi

In una corsa al ribasso, affermi
Prima il tuo sprezzante
Disprezzo, coniando
Un termine dispregiativo per riferirsi a loro,
Poi proclami la tua pietosa indifferenza
E, così, la definitiva vittoria.

Tuttavia, trovi tutto ciò ancora più triste

—Indifesa, disperata
La pioggia di sangue continua a cadere dolcemente su
Terra sterile

13 Nov.2015: attacco terroristico a Parigi
Per coloro che hanno sofferto e sono morti.

This is a translation of the poem Blood Rain by Fabrizio Frosini

Topic(s) of this poem: blood, hatred, rain, terrorism, violence

Poet's Notes about The Poem

PARIS, November 13,2015
terrorist attacks
a tribute to those who suffered and died.
this is the Italian translation of my poem ''BLOOD RAIN'' (see the English text)

Comments about Pioggia Di Sangue by Fabrizio Frosini

  • Fabrizio Frosini (1/14/2016 2:45:00 PM)

    below, Dimitrios's question and my answer:

    Are the adjectives 'helpless, hopeless, folrorn'' atributes [assertive determinations] to the subject of the sentence ''The blood rain'' [keeps....]? If ''yes'' I wonder why, is there not any hope in the world to face that barbarism?

    the blood of the victims is helpless/hopeless, because it cannot change human nature.
    I'm not an optimist, Dimitrios, and I am not religious.
    The evil side of the human nature will live till mankind's last day..
    The (gentle) blood of the innocents cannot 'fertilize' a barren ground (= cannot wipe out the evil living in the terrorists' mind)
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  • Dimitrios Galanis (1/13/2016 2:55:00 PM)

    Ι have translated this poem too into greek.But I'm not still content with the rendering of the last three verses.Help me a little Fabrizio, your italian text can not lead me too, to the solution expected. (Report) Reply

    Fabrizio Frosini (1/14/2016 1:41:00 PM)

    of course I want to help, but what do you need? The meaning of my words?

    —Indifesa, disperata
    La pioggia di sangue continua a cadere dolcemente su
    Terra sterile

    they refer to the blood of the victims of terrorism. But that blood cannot change the nature of mankind, and the evil will keep living inside us (terrorism/violence)

  • Fabrizio Frosini (12/30/2015 2:13:00 PM)

    I mistakenly wrote 42 countries.. they are 43:

    '' 64 Poets from 43 different Countries have joined this project, and I wish to say “thank you” to each of them. The countries, counting both each poet's home country and the ones where some of the poets currently live, are:
    Australia, Bangladesh, Botswana, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Croatia, Egypt, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Morocco, New Zealand, Nepal, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Somalia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Tunisia, UAE, Uganda, UK, USA, Zimbabwe. ''
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  • Fabrizio Frosini (12/13/2015 12:11:00 PM)


    I wrote this poem a few hours after the murdering of so many innocent people in Paris, on November 13th,2015. After that, a publishing project also came about... I gave it the title: ‘POETRY AGAINST TERROR’
    as a tribute to the countless victims of terror, worldwide.
    I invited many poets, whose poetry can be read at PoemHunter, to join me, so to write an e-book all together.
    The e-book, which is an anthology of poetry, is a compilation of poems written by 64 poets from 42 different countries from all over the world.
    Here are THEIR NAMES, in alphabetical order:

    Sayeed Abubakar, Bangladesh
    Alexandro Acevedo Johns, Chile
    Saadat Tahir Ali, Pakistan (KSA)
    Paul Amrod, USA (Germany)
    Leah Ayliffe, Canada
    Khaoula Basty, Tunisia
    Lawrence Beck, USA
    Daniel J. Brick, USA
    Sophy Chen, China
    Terence George Craddock, New Zealand
    Sahra Hussein Dahir, Somalia
    Driss Ezzireg, Morocco
    Geoffrey Fafard, Australia
    Weiyao Feng, China
    Grant Fraser, UK
    Fabrizio Frosini, Italy
    Negar Gorji, Iran
    Bright Kwamina Grantson, Ghana
    Dilantha Gunawardana, Sri Lanka
    Nosheen Irfan, Pakistan
    Galina Italyanskaya, Russia
    Afrooz Jafarinoor, Iran
    Farzad Jahanbani, Iran
    Vincent Chizoba John, Nigeria
    Kinyua Karanja, Kenya
    Sofia Kioroglou, Greece
    Varghese Kuncheria, India (Oman)
    Kelly Kurt, USA
    Lionel Lerch aka Cocteau Mot Lotov, France
    Birgit Linder, Germany (HK)
    Tapera Makadho, Zimbabwe
    Kenneth Maswabi, Botswana
    Denzel Mbatha, South Africa
    Mallika Menon, India
    Leloudia Migdali, Greece
    Asoke Kumar Mitra, India
    Zoran Mitrović (Neran Sati) , Croatia
    Istvan Molnar, Sweden
    Souren Mondal, India
    Anitah Muwanguzi, Uganda
    Bharati Nayak, India
    Valsa George Nedumthallil, India
    Srijana Neupane (KC) , Nepal
    Eunice Barbara Novio, Philippines (Thailand)
    Fatima Obaid, Pakistan
    Marcondes Pereira, Brazil
    Sajee Rayaroth, Australia
    Marianne Larsen Reninger, USA
    Terry Robinson (HE George) , UK
    Rizwan Saleem, Pakistan (UAE)
    Leila Samarrai, Serbia
    Kirti Sharma, India
    Anzylyne Shideshe, Kenya (Germany)
    Osiel Silverino da Silva, Brazil
    Pamela Sinicrope, USA
    Petra Soliman, Egypt (GCC)
    Douglas Stewart, USA
    Udaya R. Tennakoon, Sri Lanka (Switzerland)
    Richard Thézé, UK (Germany)
    Savita Tyagi, USA
    Mai Venn, Ireland
    Niken Kusuma Wardani, Indonesia
    Snir Yacoby, Israel
    Asma Zenjali, Morocco

    I wish, here, to thank each of them. And also the poet-friends who are in the 'editorial board' with me:
    Daniel Brick, Pamela Sinicrope, Richard Thézé.
    Daniel and Pam, together with Leila Samarrai and Valsa George Nedumthallil, wrote a commentary to each and every poem.
    Our e-book will be published first at Amazon.com, on December 20.
    Then at Smashwords.com (end of March 2016) where everybody will be able to download the book free of charge.
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  • Fabrizio Frosini (11/15/2015 1:18:00 PM)

    - - from ''BLOOD RAIN'' [comments section] -
    I've written there:
    as I wrote yesterday to a dear friend, as a reply to her words, ''What can we do as poets, as humans, as countries, as a world? '':

    Such an extremely complex situation asks for a clever and inclusive global plan, where countries & persons - all over the world - stay united..
    Indeed, it means having the will to change the world! To overcome sectarian ideologies and greed, partisan interests and inequality, injustice and irrationality...
    This is true not only to win against any kind of terrorism [of TERROR, tout court], but also, ultimately, to save our own future (our planet's future - as we know it today - as well the whole mankind's future) . To really fight, so to minimize its adverse impact, the global warming issue, for instance..
    But I am skeptical.. a pessimist.. because I know what an absurd patchwork (a 'coacervo', in Italian) of greedy interests and stupidity the so-called 'mankind' is..
    Thus, we'll see much more blood and sufferings, everywhere.. and then famine, illnesses, hatred.. in a demoniac spiral of violence and death.. AMEN..

    Sorry.. I didn't want to sound apocalyptic..
    But it is a fact that we human beings can be extremely good in what we do.. pity that it is like the conundrum matter/antimatter.. only that it is the antimatter (anti-human) that dwells inside all of us (or a great many of us..) to succeed.
    but I'm a 'REALIST', ... Think about the sheer number of human beings on planet earth.. never been so many.. never.. And think of what is happening to the climate (because of us) . Even in California people are experiencing what climate changes really mean! You live in a great, beautiful country.. but a country where a lot of people live in sheer misery.. Being a realist means to realize that the number of poor people -worldwide- is growing, day by day.. never happened before!
    And the so called 'normal' human beings, in developed countries, mostly think to get what they simply wish, without considering how much fake/foolish most of those 'wishes' are. Because GREED & VANITY are the 2 major forces that lead the immense flock of such minds, filled with worthless or futile thoughts..
    And then, especially speaking of Nation-States, we see how the old power playing is still a major actor..!
    Nation-States (a good deal of them) are still prone to begin (or just continue) WARS to show how good ''characters'' they are in those power-plays.. They prefer to spend trillions of $ into warfare/arms/destruction, than giving their citizens a better education, health services, a smarter agricolture for good quality food producing.. and seriously fighting injustice and inequality.. We should protect Nature everywhere.. We should invest massively in pure and applied research - not for new and powerful arms ready to kill, but for making life better!
    Nation-States / Governments / politicians / all of us should stop quarreling about everything just for ''making a point'' and unite our minds and soul to overcome upon our bad instincts!
    But being a REALIST means realizing that all of this is just a dream..
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