Pizza-What A Treat Poem by Risha Ahmed (12 yrs)

Pizza-What A Treat

Rating: 3.4

A slice of pizza is loved
By my whole family
It is the best and testiest snack
That ever there could be
From the vegetables and cheese
To the tip of the crust
To have a bite of pizza
Truly is a must
I mostly love the pizza
Which are made by my mum
You just can’t ignore it
You have to taste some
I really love pizza
I eat every crumb
And then have some cold drink
Till my tummy is numb
But now I am grumbling
Because that pizza
Is right now being eaten
By my sister, Fiza.

DAKOTA AUSTIN 25 April 2007

Risha, great poem......, But now I'm getting hungry for some PIZZA! Blessings, Dakota

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Dr John Celes 25 April 2007

A Pizza, once in a way, is OK! Your Pizza poem was a very good theme for a budding, young poet. You can do some changes and make your pizza look really delicious, energising and attractive! At the moment, your pizza looks quite good Because, its made by your mother, as lovely as she could! Good work, Risha, Dr John Celes PS.Doctors don't recommend Pizzas!

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Lal Parameswar 09 May 2007

Just need to eat a pizza now! ! ! !

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David Harris 06 May 2007

Risha, I'm not a lover of Pizza myself, never got the taste for them. However this is a lovely little poems about them and your last line made me smile. Loved it. Thanks for sharing it Princess. Top marks from me. David

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Mary Das 04 May 2007

Good description of pizza. I love vegetarian pizza. Once in a while it should be okay.

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YUMMY! ! ! ! ! I love pizza 2 and that poem just made me hungry lol.

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Beach Glass 25 April 2007

Keep it up little one, you are writing some excellent poetry for one so young. Umm, now I'm hungry too! ** BL **

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Risha Ahmed (12 yrs)

Risha Ahmed (12 yrs)

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