Poem Of You Poem by Lee Degnan

Poem Of You

Rating: 5.0

I sit and listen to
the pouring rain
as it patters and taps
on my windowpane,
my thoughts escape
me as they do
But no matter what
they always turn to you

As if I need constant
reminder more
My brain tricks me
to settle the score
Indeed it's you, my
secret addiction,
imprisoning me with
this obscene infliction

So I listen to the
rain a little more
to try and think of no
one I adore
But even then they
whispered your name too
As if my mind needed to...
I thought of you.

Untitiled and unnamed 11 October 2006

I'm no expert either, but this poem could be 'set out' a little different, to help it flow in the mind of the reader, as it is read, (i hope you know what i mean) but apart from that my friend, it reads really well, I mean no disrespect as I enjoyed it alot. well done..and keep writing.

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Susan Bagley 26 November 2006

The previous peom and this one remind me so much of me and my writing. have you read my Eulogy? and 'The Door'? I have several more I have not yet submitted, But I will. You spur me on. Friends, Susan xoxo

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Meggie Gultiano 09 April 2008

I Love this one..so beautiful

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Dr.subhendu Kar 04 October 2007

secret addiction, imprisoning me with this obscene infliction....................the love epithet beautifully raving over the rain obsequiously obsessive ofcourse onto the obscenity being inflicted upon, quite smooching, well penned, thanks

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Cecelia Warner 27 June 2007

Lee, This poem was AWE(and might I add) SOME! :) Loved the poem You are truly a talented writer and romantic! On every level you are a 10! Love ya sis! Cecelia

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Roger Bowman 07 December 2006

Lovely poemo Lee. Lots of love Roger

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Duncan Wyllie 04 December 2006

Love for another and the contemplation of, so dreamy, Love duncan X

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