Poet Kumarmani Mahakul - A Tribute -Celebrate Divine Love Poem by Geeta Radhakrishna Menon

Poet Kumarmani Mahakul - A Tribute -Celebrate Divine Love

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A life spent in
Adoration of God,
In praise of the divine Father,
In deep faith and trust,
That God alone is our benefactor,
That God alone is our Saviour,
The sublime philosophy of
The popular Member and Poet of Poem Hunter,
Respected Kumarmani Mahakul!

"Life has a meaning" is
The celebration of divine love!
The father of heaven has gifted us
With the most precious sentiment of love.
We have to sing His glory with songs of love,
We have to praise His glorious deeds with wondrous love,
We have to remember Him in every thought, every deed,
We have to concentrate only on achieving the love of God!
That is the meaning of life and of eternal love!

The dawn and the rising sun taught man,
To love God and His beautiful creations of Nature,
To love and respect all God's creations equally,
To credit each life with dignity and compassion,
To recognise the goodness in every soul,
To realise that every action will have a reaction,
To lead a virtuous life without anger, jealousy and hatred.
Thank you, Kumarmani ji for your spiritually elevating poems.
Why fear when God is our best friend, philosopher and guide?

This is my humble tribute to our dear Poet Kumarmani Mahakul. His love for God is ingrained in every word, every verse and in all poems that he has penned. He is also the most generous poet who has praised and paid tributes to many, many poets in Poem Hunter irrespective of their country or religion. A kind and generous poet with a pure mind.His love for God most sublime!
May God bless him with a long life and many more wonderful poems.
Sylvia Frances Chan 25 November 2019

Submitted on the 20 November=! ! WOW! This goes directly to MyPoemList, absolutely! Due to the constant ERRORS on my poem site, I am able just today to read this magnificent poem about LOVE, number 15 WOW! Like in the library, all poems here at Dr. Geeta´s poem site are sorted and arranged in Categories added with the numbers as sequels. Deepest appreciations for your perfect poems, neatly arranged by categories and numbers.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 25 November 2019

2) Love 15 -Celebrate Divine Love Like Poet Kumarmani Mahakul - Poem by Dr. Geeta Radhakrishna Menon. AS IF I read Master Poet Kumarmani Mahakul Sir´s Notes in each line you described, Dr. Geeta. Please, do not understand me wrong, this means that you have read all poems by Kumarmani Sir with great attention and admiration.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 25 November 2019

3) This fascinating Tribute is perfectly worded and so well captured. Kumarmani Sir is a true honest and loyal man, we seldom see these days and an old friend of my being. Like with you I have not met him personally, but we know each other from long time gone, though I am still working and he has his leisure time now. I am still reading with greatest attention your Tribute Sublimest I ever read, Dr. Geeta. I haven´t finished yet. My site is still

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Sylvia Frances Chan 25 November 2019

4) My site is still " jumping" but I will continue, sure. This is such a true delicate Tribute, grandest to read and I am enjoying this with intense seriousness and pleasure. Master Poet Kumarmani Mahakul Sir deserves this oh so most beautiful and grandest Tribute so well. Absolutely, he is a poet who writes divine poems and devotionals about God and everything in Nature that lives get his attention and blessings. He is a cleverest man but true humble

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Sylvia Frances Chan 25 November 2019

5) Above all, he constantly respects others despite everything. I am of course very emotional since this Tribute sublimest concerns him, my Master Poet Kumarmani Mahakul Sir on Poem Hunter. Poets on Poem Hunter are seen and read by the World´s readers, unimaginable an immense quantity, and so is this ardent perfect Tribute. The world is reading this magnificent Tribute, Dr. Geeta right on the day this was submitted till now.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 21 November 2022

A lovely tribute to a very good poet. Today his day. Let him celebrate.

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Rajnish Manga 10 December 2019

This is a befitting tribute to Kumarmani ji- one of the best and the most popular poets on this Forum. His unflinching faith in God and his love of nature can be abundantly seen in his poetry which spreads the message of goodwill and universal brotherhood among all people. He has always very supportive to fellow poets on PH. His reviews and comments reflect his generosity and broad-mindedness. I must thank you for such a lovely poem..

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Me Poet Yeps Poet 27 November 2019

May God bless him with a long life and many more wonderful poems. I ALSO PRAY HE IS THE BEST SPIRITUALIST POET OF TODAY NAY ALL DAYS AHEAD TO COME AS YET A WONDERFUL POET Well praised by you also

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Sylvia Frances Chan 25 November 2019

7) You are the True Ambassador for India through your Art in the Indian Culture Dance, I still remember you vividly and I am grateful that we met on Poem Hunter, another ART sector. I can go on and on endlessly since I appreciate you highest concerning your gift and devoted attitude toward the Indian Cultural Dances, you have listened to your inner call of your gift- great talent. We still enjoy your great performances on YouTube.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 25 November 2019

6) The word DECENT I associate with Master Poet Kumamani Mahakul Sir too. In all aspects he is a decent man And most of all, the honourable predicate of MASTER POET is presented by my person about 1-2 years ago in my Tribute for him. This is my respect for him as a person and poet, as I have much respect for you how you have brought the Dances Of Indian Culture to Life and to the World. You are the true ambassador for India thru

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