Khairul Ahsan

Gold Star - 21,565 Points (Bangladesh)

Poetry Contest - Poem by Khairul Ahsan held a poetry contest,
Poets from all over the world joined in zest,
Chose from their poems, only the best
And submitted for the readers' quality test.

All the poems were so earnestly submitted,
With love, passion and memories dedicated.
It was difficult for one to choose the best,
Each poet was required to vote for the rest.

I made up my mind that I too would contest,
So requested a poet friend to kindly suggest,
Which of my poems she thought was the best,
'Pristine Love' she readily chose above the rest.

As she had said, so did I do,
Submitted the poem and stood in the queue,
To vote for the poems and to have a view
Of the hundreds that came randomly I knew.

When I was told that my poem was counted,
As one voted to be among the best hundred,
My heart swelled as I was truly astounded,
By the feat that came by, fairly even-handed.

Now with the final results just published,
I know what my poem has accomplished.
Though it was not something that I cherished,
Yet, one of the top ten looks a bit distinguished.

For this, my first thanks go to my li'l friend
Who so graciously lent me her helping hand.
Picked the right one as also did she commend
This poem to many a reader and many a friend.

Thanks also go to the voters, the numerous ones,
Who looked for my poem or found it by chance.
Grateful to the great soul who wrote me once,
She 'searched for ages' just to have one glance.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

My heartfelt thanks to you all, my dear friends, who took time to read my poem, spent time to find it out and vote for it, wrote words of inspiration, messaged me sharing your thoughts and feelings and congratulated me for whatever it has achieved. I appreciate your warmth, solidarity and kindness. This is much better a prize than the cash awards.

Comments about Poetry Contest by Khairul Ahsan

  • Khairul Ahsan (3/24/2014 8:05:00 PM)

    @Naida Nepascua Supnet
    Thanks for reading my poem and leaving your kind comments here.
    'congrats, more poems, more thoughts, mire inspirations to come.' - Thanks for this priceless inspiration!
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  • Sky Welch (3/24/2014 7:32:00 PM)

    This poem made me laugh. It's cute and touching. such an interesting blend! (Report) Reply

  • Yasmin Khan (11/30/2013 9:07:00 AM)

    Feelings expressed so nicely in deftly you have used rhymes that's not so easy for such type of subject matter. (Report) Reply

  • Cassandra Jasmine (11/15/2013 10:50:00 AM)

    How sweet, Mr. Ahsan! I have long put off reading the poem, and even longer have I put off commenting on it.
    Anyways, I loved everything; the rhythm, the rhyming... everything! And perhaps you already know why. ;)
    A ten from me!
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  • Bri Edwards (11/11/2013 5:18:00 PM)

    this is the stanza i enjoyed the most:
    I made up my mind that I too would contest,
    So requested a poet friend to kindly suggest,
    Which of my poems she thought was the best,
    'Pristine Love' she readily chose above the rest.

    it has great flow and i love good rhyming. thanks for sharing.
    i too had a friend ask me to help her pick out a poem for her to submit. unfortunately when i zoomed through the titles looking for hers to judge, i zoomed by it because i had forgotten that she had changed the title before submitting it. then i foolishly? didn't figure out how to get back to vote on it and i never saw it again.
    her name is Hira Akhtar and her poem entry was One Beautiful Night. feel free to check it out. :)

    as for the 'pristine love' poem...i've not read it but plan to if i don't forget. i browsed the entries and found some great poems, one of which i believe was awarded second place.
    i have read some negative comments about the contest, and i readily agree that the contest was not without faults or the appearance of faults or the potential for faults. one reader thought the winner should not have sent out requests (including to me) to look at and vote for his poem. i have no problem with people advertising their poems. hopefully the voters voted conscientiously. but as there were probably (at least) hundreds of entries and they DID seem to be randomly arranged, (but sometimes the same poem would appear not long after i had already seen it) , and i saw no instructions on how to look for poems of a particular poet or on a particular subject, etc....... i assume that it is possible that, though the winners deserved some recognition, the very best poems (if all the poems had been read by all the voters and the voters were not prejudiced because they knew the poet or because of national origin, sex of the poet, etc) did not end up being the top three. does anybody else think this comment is long-winded/too long? ?
    of course, in the interest of fair play, i did not submit an entry since i know any poem i would submit would have been, by necessity, chosen for the top prize! ! ! i wanted other poets to have a CHANCE at winning.
    :) bri
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  • Khairul Ahsan (11/9/2013 9:05:00 AM)

    @ Patricia Grantham,
    I am deeply touched by your comments on my poem. I quite agree with your thoughtful observation-'that we all have won a prize in our own way.'
    Thanks for taking time to read my poem and make such beautiful comment.
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  • Naida Nepascua Supnet (11/8/2013 7:27:00 AM)

    Voters believed in you and your poem, congrats, more poems, more thoughts, mire inspirations to come. (Report) Reply

  • Khairul Ahsan (11/7/2013 11:28:00 PM)

    @ Rekha Mandagere,
    Thank you very much for your comments.
    This was written in a lighter vein, to give a rundown of the contest, and also to acknowledge the appreciation and support from so many unknown friends.
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  • Patricia Grantham (11/7/2013 8:04:00 AM)

    Good and very good Khairul. You have put the icing on the cake with
    this write. A very detailed and excellent briefing of the PH Poets contest.
    I believed that I have read your poem Pristine Love. If not I will take a
    look at it. Must have been worthy of votes to have made the top ten. I
    believe that we all have won a prize in our own way. Ultimately it is the
    readers and visitors that wins and that is our main concern that they
    receive something from the poems. Be it courage, wisdom, honor, love,
    peace, grace, inspiration, friendship, the list go on and on. Well done my
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  • (11/3/2013 10:20:00 PM)

    Brilliant analysis of the poetry contest can be seen here: -) (Report) Reply

  • Khairul Ahsan (11/1/2013 4:53:00 AM)

    @marvin brato,
    Thanks Marvin, your kind words truly have inspired me.
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  • Khairul Ahsan (11/1/2013 4:41:00 AM)

    @A Reynolds,
    Thank you very much for the kind appreciation. Now I know that 'Pristine Love' got popular, as more than 60 people read the poem during the last ten days of the contest, on an average.
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  • Khairul Ahsan (11/1/2013 4:19:00 AM)

    @Sandra Feldman,
    Thanks a lot for the appreciation. I am honored by your observation.
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  • Khairul Ahsan (11/1/2013 4:10:00 AM)

    @Beach Girl,
    Thanks for reading my poem and sharing your thoughts. You missed the honors by the narrowest margin, that's just bad luck. My position is 10th, not 7th. (Oh yes,7th among the awardless ones!)
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  • (11/1/2013 3:51:00 AM)

    Congratulations sir, you deserved the accolade as among the best top ten! (Report) Reply

  • A Reynolds (10/28/2013 11:02:00 PM)

    Pristine Love really was a wonderful poem and you certainly deserve congratulations (Report) Reply

  • (10/28/2013 9:21:00 PM)

    A truly gracious form to recapitulate your contest experience and thank those closely involved. Very Nice, and congratulations for your honorable place.
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  • Beach Girl (10/28/2013 7:13:00 AM)

    What a great poem Mr. Ahsan! It perfectly reflects my and others feelings also about the contest. As one voted to be among the best hundred, My heart swelled as I was truly astounded and also one of the top ten looks a bit distinguished
    Lol, I had to laugh at those lines, as I think we all felt that way. Congratulations on placing 7th! Your poem was truly beautiful!
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