You And Me Poem by Khairul Ahsan

You And Me

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You and me,
Passed thirty years and three,
Through Spring and Winter, rain and shine,
Enjoyed our life, barely with a hint of a whine.

You and me,
Like birds on a tree,
Built our nest, with endless zest,
Hardly caring about taking some rest.

You and me,
Went on a spree,
To adorn our sweet little hut,
Not much knowing, what was what!

You and me,
Started a family,
Before realizing what could be,
The meaning of life, entwined, not free!

You and me,
While sipping tea,
Made our plans, like a bumblebee,
To gather pollen for 'our youngs to be'.

You and me,
Passed days windy,
Have weathered many storms,
That came in many forms.

You and me,
Both heartily agree,
That we have lived our eventful life,
Singing a chorus, without much strife.

06 October 2013
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Sunday, October 6, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Dedicated to my wife who bore with me thru' life's twists and turns,
For so many years, without a fuss, taking care of all my concerns.
Couldn't thank her enough for what she has done, from the day one,
It's just a small gesture, to appreciate the long run, with lots of fun!
Abduhoo Salamath 15 August 2016

woow.. what a great... you and me....

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Bri Edwards 09 July 2017

i love the Poet's Notes! so poetic! ! and informative! ! now to read the poem. [if i add all the years i've been married [to four wives, one at a time], it about totals 30 years! ! ! i like barely here: barely with a hint of a whine. .............honesty is (sometimes) important! and hardly and much and not and much [again! ] in (some) succeeding stanzas. Wearing unpleasant crowns of far i've not worn any crown of thorns which was ....................................................................................pleasant! ! ! to MyPoemList bri :)

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Khairul Ahsan 19 June 2018

Dear Bri Edwards, Thanks for taking this poem to your 'MyPoemList'. Thanks for apprecdiating the 'Poet's Notes' too.

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Khairul Ahsan 19 June 2018

I have done away with that 'wearing unpleasant crown of thorns'! :) Edited the second last stanza slightly. Hope it meets your hearty acceptance now. :)

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Shaun Cronick 19 December 2020

So heartfelt, warming and engaging a most pleasant poem to read and receive much joy from. A poem that presents love unashamedly with a last verse that touches a reader. Thank you sir for sharing your memories of love and long may they continue in your poetry that shines. Five worthy stars and gratefully bestowed. I wish you well and not forgetting the loved one and loved ones around you. Take care.

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Sandra Feldman 18 December 2020

A most wonderful and exemplary poem. So sweet and real and at the same time, so filled with true and sincere happiness, so hard to find. Written with such sincerity, love and heart, the poem describes the type of love and life that so many would love to have but have not. What a joyful and unforgettable poem! Thank you so much!

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 18 December 2020

Liked the recurring words in the poem. It gave emphasis on the beautiful and enduring love. The flow and rhyme are just wonderful. So tenderly and lovingly penned. Five Stars! ! !

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 18 December 2020

A wonderful tribute and a timeless gift to a wonderful woman who never ceases to to love, care and respect the man whom she chose to be with in sickness and in health. A beautiful story of love embedded with the wonderful attributes which make a strong relationship that can conquer whatever storms in life.

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Suresh Kumar Ek 12 November 2020

Built our nest with endless zest Hardly caring about taking rest Great lines about auniversal truth We are destind to make our nest Without expecting anything in return

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Khairul Ahsan 01 December 2020

Dear Poet @Suresh Kumar Ek, Thank you so much for reading my poem and leaving an appreciative comment. I am much inspired.

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