Poets Poem by Rani Turton


Rating: 4.7

Poets have no tools, never
No tangible tools that is to say
Some people even call them fools
Poets have a different worldview
Built on emotions, sensations, lacerations
Splinters of pain
And all that the heart holds to be true.

Poets have no right way or wrong way
(Its true that they often lose their way anyway) :
Poetry has always been difficult to define
Scrambled thoughts, scrambled lines
That is to say
Perfect lines, perfect rhymes
Clockwork metric thoughts and thou and thine
Stanzas, couplets and all the rest of it
My emotions flew jagged against the sky
My thoughts often threatened to run away
Like me; I speak about pain and despair
People who are going to die
Corpus callosum, existence ad infinitum
Transient joy, the rainbow arching
Spectral armies marching
Tramping, tramping down history's worn-out lanes
And the lines in a stranger's face
His apparent despair, his evident pain
Jerk me from those absolute, imperfect rhymes
I am myself corpus callosum-like again.

Original Unknown Girl 18 January 2008

Rani, I'm really liking your thinking here. You are so right in everything you say. Great poem. HG: -) xx

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Broken Peaces 20 January 2008

Goodf write Rani I like to think of tht poet as the answer to the question of life the answer might not be right for everyone but it will strike a nerve with someone top marks Chris x

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Francis Duggan 20 January 2008

Very good work Rani this is a very well written poem you do have a way with words 10 out of 10

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Michael Gale 07 March 2008

As poets might be fools, i whole heartedly disagree with that statement. It takes a bigger fool to deny his own defective DNA. But- alas-i am no fool but a gifted poet who blast's this hypothesis. Great poem. God bless ll poets and readers alike-MJG.

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James B. Earley 14 April 2008

An excellent composition my friend.....thanks.

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Kevin Wells 29 July 2008

Well written and true, Rani. Scrambled thoughts, scrambled lines, perfect rhymes. Thanks for writing it as it is!

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Vidi Writes 05 May 2008

You would have read the lines of T S Eliot - 'Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, But an escape from emotion; It is not the expression of personality, But an escape from personality. But, of course, only those who have personality and emotions Know what it means to want to escape from these things.' The above lines describe both poerty and poet. So is your poem - which talked about common feelings of all of us. Nice one... Thank you, dear poet.

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C. P. Sharma 03 May 2008

O you dear dame la belle, Poets’ tools you use so well, Their design in you I smell, On your excellence I yell*! Ivory towers the poets select, In tranquility emotions recollect, On incongruities of life reflect, From impending disasters protect. Pleasure and pain they introspect And a worthy life style suggest How to make our life a jest? So as our life becomes a fest. Perfect lines and perfect rhymes, Become the life’s real enzymes. * in joy

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Abha Sharma 19 April 2008

Poets sure have an insight and are the best users of the language, they are sensitive about pains and happiness and also about words….the poem is truly poetic straight from the heart of a poet whose sensibility narrated through simplest tools words…and here your words are magical for they generate pleasure. Thank you so much for this poem.

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River Someday 16 April 2008

I agree so much with this poem. It is very good.

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