Poets' Peace Poem by Sandra Feldman

Poets' Peace

Rating: 5.0

Poets should be in charge!
Words are their Arms,
After all, some harsh words
Of Truth,
May discourage,
Evil Doers
And those who do not
Love the truth,
That are,
In power now,
Still clinging
To savage destruction
As if we were back,
At the Dawn of Time,

If Poets, ruled,
Wars Would Be
Absolutely, prohibited!
Tolerance and understanding
While all abuse and evil
Would be considered,
A crime,
Pestilence of madmen
Punishable, by death.

Then and only then
Will we be able
To be considered
And not Devils
Of insane and putrid
Malfeasance and Crime.

For all people that have suffered the horrors of war, Today for the Ukrainians our heart goes out to you in the most painful and sincerest way,
Sylvia Frances Chan 17 March 2022

LAST: fleeing from one's own hearth and home, and not knowing when it will end, a madman never ends unless he is liquidated one night

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Sylvia Frances Chan 17 March 2022

CONTINUED: the deep pain caused by humiliation by a madman, torpedoed in one's own country and bed by bullets of all kinds, is forever unforgivable and unforgettable,

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Sylvia Frances Chan 17 March 2022

Loveliest poem ever said, written and submitted: yours, this magbnificent poem about Peace vc war, indeed today Ukraine is in the midst of a war.5 Stars ffor this well captured powerful poem.

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Smoky Hoss 24 March 2022

Bravo, bravo, bravo! There is power, and great humanity in words, these words. Again, bravo.

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Dr. M. Asim Nehal 18 March 2022

Power of poetry can lead world to peace and love. Nice poem.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 25 April 2022

Revisiting this powerful and heart rending poem. I pray and hope this war will end the soonest and the tyrant devil will be gone.

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The Utopia you dream is magnificent. How many do read and understand what we write?

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 30 March 2022

Yes, our heart goes out to all Ukrainians. I hope and pray they will be wrapped with utmost strength and conquer this savage and evil man. A great poem and to my Poem List.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 30 March 2022

Any leader who orchestrated war will be remembered by the pain he had caused to humanity. He is no leader instead a terminator of human lives.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 30 March 2022

A very powerful and thoughtful poem woven by a great Poet full of empathy and care for humanity. Sincere and honest lines that touch the heart.

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