Prayer For Younger Sister Nazma Poem by Sayeed Abubakar

Prayer For Younger Sister Nazma

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You are the supreme power,
O God. Our
All good and bad
Which make happy and sad
Are only on your hand.
I earnestly believe and understand
There is nothing impossible for you.
So I pray with cry with eyes full of dew:
Place my sister in Paradise
Because she dies
To respond your inevitable call
Leaving on earth her all.

Sylvia Frances Chan 25 July 2020

Very touching, brilliant poem. The Almighty One can do all things impossible, He is the Only One. Thank you so much for sharing.

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Shahzia Batool 10 May 2013

this is all we can do for the dear departed souls, n this is what we'll be in need of...stay at peace! ! !

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Selim Reza 23 January 2013

A universal appeal.very meaningful poem.

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Aminath Neena Haneef 04 November 2012

A heartfelt write. Very touching!

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Karen Deeks 16 March 2012

Such a sad yet harmonious piece.., it is wretched when we must suffer in silence as we watch our loved ones walk such a painful and lonely path but I'm glad you had/have your faith... I regrettably lost mine but we all take lifes heartaches differently... Karen

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Sayeed Abubakar

Sayeed Abubakar

Jessore / Bangladesh
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