Praying For Harmony. Poem by Sandra Feldman

Praying For Harmony.

Rating: 3.0

Let me be free,
Let me write
Let Spirits soar
Getting away
From all pettiness,
And violence
That we deplore,
Let us,
Like the wind
And fabricate
A better world
Where none
Are afraid
To be hurt
By human predators
Let Peace,
And understanding
Make fear, unnecessary
As Love,
We keep on finding
In a path,
Of fragrant, Roes
Without thorns.

Sandra Feldman 03 June 2023

I am a woman. I am moving from poet to poet just to tell others what you really are. I know the biggest blunder that you have done is to block an Indian imposter. You created enmey and stay prepared to get the result

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 02 June 2023

A well expressed poem adorned with beautiful poetic expressions and great images.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 02 June 2023

A very thoughtful and inspiring write. A perfect and timely prayer specially in this time of uncertainty and so much violence.

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M. Asim Nehal 03 June 2023

Life is too short, there must not be any room for animosity, loathing, envy and certainly conflicts. Let everyone live peacefully 5****

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Nosheen Irfan 04 June 2023

Poetry is the ultimate escape from all the ugliness of the world. It helps get away from the negativity. I feel exactly the same way.

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Sandra Feldman 03 June 2023

Warning! All circles that do not have a picture, belong to the same ineffective slanserer that is posting hie venom here. I hope toy will be able dear readers to judge him by his absurd and jealous, infamous acts.

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Most beautiful poem. Sublime poetry. Extraordinary brilliance and vh aesthetics.5*

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Sandra Feldman 04 June 2023

Poet Menon is who he says he is, although no picture. Click on his name and it takes you to his page, while the imposters false name does not take you to the page of the poet, impersonated.

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David Wood 03 June 2023

Excellent thoughts Sandra. The world needs more people with these characteristics, perhaps it will be a more peaceful world.

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Sandra Feldman 03 June 2023

Get out of this site! Let me play with your evil companions! Get out!

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