Rabbit And Bean (Children)

Rating: 5.0

A carrot top, all olive green
was growing next to a green bean.
Said carrot, 'what's your date of birth
when did they plant you in the earth? '
The bean, not certain of the date
was not equipped for a debate
and, with a quick and final nod
she turned away her swollen pod.
The carrot, itching for a fight
said 'how's the weather at that height?
You beans are always heavenbound,
we carrots do prefer the ground.'
The bean ignored the silly tease
and swayed with pleasure in the breeze.
A rabbit who was homeward bound
pulled up the carrot from the ground.
Since rabbits do not climb or fly
they normally don't eye the sky.
The bean was sad to see him go,
but quite content to grow and grow.

You see, all beans are really mothers,
not cousins, nephews, uncles, brothers.
The carrot being a big lad
would never be the least bit sad
if birds or rabbits came and stole
a thousand beans from the tall pole.
Boy carrots may believe in fashion
but it's the girls who have compassion.

Mary Nagy 15 May 2006

I love the lighthearted mood you seem to be in today Herbert! Very nice. I loved the visual of her swollen pod. :) Very cute. Sincerely, Mary

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Dee Daffodil 15 May 2006

Herb....Awesome poem! ! My kids will love this one. Very well written, I truly enjoyed it! Hugs, Dee

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Gina Onyemaechi 15 May 2006

LOL. Now you've GOT to read 'Carrot Tops of The World Unite! ' by Andreas Gripp - it's a laugh and a half. Smiling your way, Gina.

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Scarlett Treat 15 May 2006

Thank goodness for the lady beans, for without them, this would be rather a sad, sad world....I'm glad I came to read this one, even tho' it is marked for children - or maybe I'm just coming into my second childhood.

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Duncan Wyllie 15 May 2006

Well done, a little bit more light from you, brought on a smile. Without compassion, nothing would exist Love Duncan

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