Racing At 9 Poem by Tracey TEE

Racing At 9

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I wish he'd slow down...
and take his time whilst
adoring this body of mine
instead he's always in a rush...
but dare I even make a fuss...

I better not, I ponder so...
Or it will be 3 months or so...
till our bodies reunite..
but I wish he wouldn't rush tonight...

Slow and sensual, is my thing
the phone is off so it can't ring,
and interupt my pleasure time,
then Hubbie says...'Racing at 9 '

Through every kiss he studies the time
so he doesnt miss out on his 'Racing at 9 '
before I know it, the act is done.
and I 'm left feeling somewhat numb...

I decide it's time to take
drastic measures if I'm to make,
sweet love for more than 15 minutes
I'll take the fuse out..that should do it...

Then when he rushes to the loo,
onward with my plan,
out pops the bloody fuse
that should fool my man.

Yes disappointed he was so
my plan had worked just fine...
but then he went and fell asleep...
leaving me to watch Racing at 9.

Carl Harris 12 April 2009

A dynamite poem, Tracy, funny, witty, and charming from beginning to end! Sad to say, I once a little the same way when Monday Night American Football would come on the telly at 9 PM on Monday nights. The kids would be abed by 8 PM, so in that lull twixt 8 and 9, I would make love to my wife, most of the time with my mind on the upcoming game! When half-time came, which would take about twenty minutes, I'd shake her awake for another go! She didn't do anything drastic like you did, but did let me know she didn't like me being preoccupied with something else in the bedroom! I enjoyed your fine poem immensely, Tracy! Carl.

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Stephen Stirk 12 April 2009

Flippin men............What are we like. Our racings on at 2.00 pm on channel four each saturday. I've never known my wife to appear in the same room while it's on. Then again, perhaps she prances around in a leotard, and I don't notice. Bravo Trace. I really enjoy your comedy style. Have to go. My wife's just taking the fuse out, and I'm about to fall asleep 11.329 Steve The Mad

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