Restless Soul Poem by Tracey TEE

Restless Soul

Rating: 5.0

I realise I'm not alone....
yet isolated and distant I feel from you.
Your touch no longer ignites me,
instead I feel remorse and sadness.
Though I occupy my days with thankless chores
to rid my mind of still haunt me,
stopping the wound from healing.
Your cruelty leaves me once again vulnerable,
not allowing anyone else into the core that you
expertly explored and abused.
Tired of unanswered question and what ifs and whys
I long for my soul to be at peace and you to be obsolete!

Rakesh Bedi 17 September 2009

Yeah, it has the aura of a restless soul, tracey.....! Memories are memories. What can one do of them, dear? ? ?

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Astrid Eckstein 10 July 2013

I SO hear you- excellent poem sister!

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Shashendra Amalshan 29 September 2009

Yes.. I agree with Karin ma'am.. you write from the heart... I feel emotions oozing out through this peice of work. this is very well written.. Touched my heart, and i know it kinda helps the mind too, when we let the emotions out..10 with love shan

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This is what poetry is all about, getting it down in words which at least gives some release of emotions held tightly within the heart. I am sure most poets can relate to this poem, which you have written with skill. 10 love Karin

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Sally Plumb Plumb 18 September 2009

Take it from me... this feeling can last for a long time. Write about it.

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Stephen Magill 17 September 2009

great poem. sometimes i wish i could erase the hurt but not at the expense of losing the joy.

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