Read Me! Poem by Ernestine Northover

Read Me!

Rating: 4.9

Life is full of coloured posters,
You'll find them pasted everywhere,
On walls, on doors, on hoardings,
Triangular, round and square.

On vans, lorries and buses,
Wherever there's a space,
You're, bombarded by them constantly,
They are right there in your face.

On anything, they'll stick them,
No matter where that may be,
They leave your brain in tatters,
As they shout at you, READ ME!

We've become an 'Advert' nation,
And the future's looking black,
You never know, you might even find,
That they've stuck one, on your back!

This is dedicated to Sally, as it is her words READ ME, that inspired me to write this one.

© Ernestine Northover

Gina Onyemaechi 19 January 2006

Ha ha ha! ! ! No, no post-its on my back...yet! Tee-hee!

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Duncan Wyllie 10 April 2006

A great sign for change I think, masterfully done by such a lovely lady, Love Duncan

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Bethany Buhl 29 June 2008

everyone wants to get money and if you plaster read me all over the place you'll get more attention and more money cause money makes the world go round for some people.

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R H 25 September 2006

If anything should be plastered onto a billboard, it's this poem! Fun read Ernestine! Justine

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Brian Dorn 24 September 2006

Ernestine, it's always a pleasure to read you... good stuff! Brian

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Catastrophe King 24 August 2006

This one is so true and well woven around the subject... I come back again and again to read some of your poems everytime.. I love your style. This one is simply a great one.10.

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Emma Johnson 11 April 2006

Lovely, Ernestine. Susie.

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