Rejection Poem by Susan Williams


Rating: 5.0

Rejection is pain
pure and simple
impure and complicated
doesn't matter
rejection is pain
and nobody on earth is exempt from it
and I doubt there is any relief from the hurt
except the passage of time and the pen in a poet's hand.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~copyright 2019 Susan Williams

Monday, May 20, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: heartbreak,rejection
tom billsborough 21 May 2019

Writing can heal to some extent but it is no magician's wand we wield! Great poem, Susan

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Susan Williams 20 June 2019

If it were, it would be a billionaire's pen! ! ! But at least we can write it out of our situation! ! ! ! !

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Dr Dillip K Swain 21 May 2019

A fabulous poem! I greatly admire and appreciate the underlying philosophy.................................10

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Susan Williams 31 May 2019

Thank you, I appreciate your encouraging words

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Susan Williams 31 May 2019

very much. You are very kind

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Susan Williams 21 September 2020

Part Two- -I was talking about the heart being rejected by a lover or a friend or a family member- - it is a soul-damaging thing to happen, damning if happens over and over and over. The best salve is that found in forgiveness. Thank you my friend, I will come to you for more comforting words if my books get the thumbs down! ! ! !

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Susan Williams 21 September 2020

Part One- - Soran, I wasn't talking about that horrid kind of rejection! ! ! I haven't reached the point of finding an agent and waiting for the rejections slips... but the series will be published I tell myself.

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Soran M. H 17 September 2020

Do not worry, maybe publishing houses look at your novel from a profit or commercial perspective, and this is not evidence of its badness. I hope to see your name among international novelists.

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Susan Williams 14 September 2020

Thank you for liking my conclusion, Anjandev! ! ! It beats what some heartbroken people turn to! ! !

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Anjandev Roy 10 September 2020

Wisely written......great conclusion......thank u, dear poetess.....anjandev roy.

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