Rejection's Temptation Poem by GREENWOLFE 1962

Rejection's Temptation

Rating: 5.0

Well there she was, the girl I loved,
With no one at her side.
She smiled and waived as I approached,
In shock, I then replied.

She said, 'I'm waiting here for you;
This is to be your day. '
I said, 'what has become of us
For us to meet this way? '

She said she really did not know
Or care to think at all.
As she had come to answer true
Her final conscience call.

I said I thought she would object
To being seen with me.
She said, 'Oh no, it's not that way,
Here's where I want to be.'

'Oh sure, ' I said, 'So you may say,
Am I to hear such lies?
I wished it so for oh so long,
I can't believe my eyes.'

'I guess I understand, ' she said,
As she began to cry.
'I'm learning now the pain of love
When there is no reply.'

I said, 'I'm sorry for your pain,
I've felt it once before.'
She said she'd hoped to be with me
This day and evermore.

I said, 'I shall not turn away,
Though tempting it would be.
To have you feel the pain I've known
Would bring no joy to me.'

'I hear, ' she said, ' your soothing words,
I feel much better now.
It seems that since you want me still,
My pain is gone somehow.'

'I know, ' I said, ' It's only there
When lovers close their heart
To those they know who want them so,
To keep them far apart.'

'I could not have you feel the pain
That I have felt so much.
Though I believe we all should know
Rejection's savage clutch.'

Then she placed her hand in mine,
I wiped her tears away,
She said she'd give what love remained
To me, on this, my day.

I can't explain what came to be
Or was that time with her,
A story such as this, when told,
Has endings we defer.

But this I know as pain and love
Are felt both near and far.
Rejection tempts its own base deeds,
No matter who you are.

Aijaz Asif 25 September 2008

a vey beautiful truth, no matter what one'll do they get what the fate's written...thank you sir for sharing your thoughts regards balouch

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Elizabeth Sheaffer 22 August 2008

Wow. My writing pales in comparison to this.

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Malini Kadir 25 June 2008

It is beautifully true of life life like a boomerang brings love back to endurance...touching read!

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Delwen Doyle 07 May 2008

Beautiful poem - a true to life situation played out with compassion showcasing loves endurance

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Karen LaRose 27 April 2008

a beautiful ballad...I like the story

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Cristy Upshaw 09 June 2009

yes, this, I am sure, has happened to many ppl. I loved the flow and how your words are expressed. so touching and enlightening. fills my heart with sadness, but also with hope.

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Finely penned. this is a perfect example of poetic discipline

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Florence P. Wordsmith 03 February 2009

I really enjoyed the back and forth between the central characters as well as the way it flowed. Great balance, great poem.

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Reshma Ramesh 13 October 2008

how true..........well penned..........

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June Feir-Cruz 27 September 2008

So feel empathy is the landmark of a decent human being. Another winner 10+++

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