Acceptance Of Fate Poem by GREENWOLFE 1962

Acceptance Of Fate

Rating: 4.9

Of all the lessons learned in life
By every creed in turn,
Acceptance is the costliest
Mankind has had to learn.

The price is often self-esteem,
And life must yield as well.
It also charges interest,
On that, I shall not dwell.

But just by way of mentioning,
Though bitter is defeat;
Recovery sure is sweeter,
The sooner it's complete.

Acceptance of each circumstance,
Is one great truth of life.
But often comes at quite a cost,
Much suffering and strife.

The hardest thing to realize,
When all is said and done;
Accepting losses in ones life,
Is one sure sign you've won.

Sometimes the greatest victory
Is learning to endure,
Defeat that seems unbearable;
When at first glance, for sure.

Acceptance of this living truth
Is not so hard to bear.
It's something man can't seem to learn
In struggles everywhere.

But here is wisdom to the wise,
Or those who wish to be;
For those who seek a happy life,
Acceptance is the key.

The costs you have to pay to bear
This single solemn truth,
Are those you need to sacrifice,
Your pride and fear, forsooth.

The choice is one each has to make.
And each is justified.
Depending on your view of life,
I'll argue for each side.

The core of this dilemma then
Is just to understand;
Depending on the choice you make,
You'll live or die as planned.

Acceptance then, includes the fate
You choose on fateful days.
To leave this world a sacrifice,
Or live in other ways.

Miriam Maia Padua 04 February 2009

great write.. a piece that tells everything we have to know... on the reality of life...the acceptance of our fate whatever it maybe... only in acceptance we can move on and feel happy and savor the beauty of life... this piece imparts knowledge and wisdom...and the contentment in life from the writer himself...thanks for sharing and thank you so much for your valuable comments and tips on my works...God loves a cheerful giver... ..thank you so much.10+++++ for this sir...

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Terry Coates 03 October 2008

This is a wonderful poem that i would say open peoples eyes to know how people feel i really loved this poem and thank you for allowing me to read it.

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Carol Fletcher 20 October 2008

I also share this philosophy: If a problem seems unbearable, then change your perception! This is a wonderful piece of artistry and awareness!

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 05 January 2009

great poem..wise words..'acceptance is the key and success too even after loosing- great 10

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Rita Shay 20 January 2009

Brilliant! Your poems are some of the best I've seen on this sight. However I couldn't help noticing that of the poems I've read of yours so far, they all rhyme. I really hope a writer like yourself does not restrain his talent in rhymes. Best wishes -Rita

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Drew Engman 15 April 2020

Wow, I’m blown away, so deep and well-said; thank you.

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Such an incredibly written flows with rhythm and wisdom. Exceptional. I'll give it a rare 10

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Fred Babbin 09 October 2010

Your writing is so transparent. That's good, unless you're looking for mystery. Also, your poetic structurre is very finished. I like the poem.

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Venkatesh Jagannathan 04 August 2010

Amazing one. learning to accept the fate is indeed the biggest learning and your poem explains this in most intelligent way, that goes without a saying.

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 26 September 2009

a great piece of wisdom...would help every one in life...goes into my favs

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