When I Stood By The Sea (A Tribute To Poe And Annabel Lee) Poem by GREENWOLFE 1962

When I Stood By The Sea (A Tribute To Poe And Annabel Lee)

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Twas once upon a time I stood
Nearby the sounding sea.
By the man, who loved the maiden.
Beautiful, Annabel Lee.

As he spoke then, my sorrow welled.
And likewise did the sea.
It seemed that even Neptune sighed.
And welled; wept both wind and lee.

And that was well, for each of us
Now yearned and wept as three.
For all the maidens men have loved
In such kingdoms by the sea.

And so that evening as I stood;
Just Neptune, Poe, and me.
I spied a spirit maiden wrapped
In a gown blown loose and free.

The spectre heard our mournful wail
Like sirens by the sea.
And drifted by and wondered at
Such sad, sorrowed souls as we.

He looked, and then Poe saw her eyes.
As Neptune did, and me.
The same he saw so long ago
In a kingdom by the sea.

He stretched his arms, and she stretched hers;
As Neptune's arms gripped me.
And as we cried, she took him up.
Both then, as if one, you see.

Then Neptune's trident pointed out
The way for Poe and she.
And those three drifted up and off
This cliff, by the sounding sea.

The last I saw, as I stood still
And felt the wind blow free;
The maiden that Poe dearly loved
From that kingdom by the sea.

She turned her head and cast her eyes
And smiled a smile at me.
Twas then I knew, she'd take me too;
This soul, called Annabel Lee.

James Nall 05 March 2009

We're changing your name to GOLDWOLFE. Or maybe PLATINUMWOLFE. you captured Poe's style better than could be imagined. A Collection Of Great Masterpieces, By E. A. POE has been my favorite book since high school. believe it or not, I worked for five years for steven allen poe, Edgars great, great grandson.he couldn't write a poem if he tried! Bravo again, my literary genius!

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Vaibhav Pandey 12 March 2009

I have never read poe's work...but after reading this one I am gonna surely read him...I guess he must be very good....great as always...10

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Delilah Miller 29 April 2008

I think he'd be so proud and honored, but I wasn't a close friend of his. Wonderful as always! X's and O's

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Delwen Doyle 08 May 2008

Again, really nice tribute poem! ! Thanks for tipping me off to this - it's like you took poe's piece & made an epilogue. beautiful

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Viola Grey 01 June 2008

I love that so many people are inspired by this poem from Poe...it's a clear standout from a brilliant man...you have touched it beautifully...well done

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Castellenas John 10 April 2019

I loved this poem. Thank you.

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Savita Tyagi 07 December 2017

Beautiful tribute to Edgar Allan Poe. I had to refresh my memory of ‘ Annabel Lee’ to fully enjoy this poem. Thanks for sharing.

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Cristy Upshaw 08 June 2009

This is definitely one of my favorites. I love Poe's work and you have brought out the wonders and creativeness. Well penned.

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Paige S 27 April 2009

This is awsome! It really felt as if I was reading one of Poe's poems! ! EXCELLENT! ! !

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John Lyday 06 April 2009

I reread Poe before I read your poem and the style was impressive. It did feel like Poe. Who says sequels aren't good?

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