Room 5228 - Huntsman Cancer Hospital Poem by Darwin Henry Beuning

Room 5228 - Huntsman Cancer Hospital

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Lying awake in my hospital room,
It has been three days since my Cancer operation,

My life in the hands of surgeon,
Doctor, Mulvihill, Sean J.

Surgery was a success,
And my recovery is going well.

I would like to thank the following
Nurses and Health Care Assistants,
Who attended me during my time of need -

Nurses - Dirk, Jenny, Shahla, Chase,
Michelle and Corinne

Health Care Assistants - Presley, Carla,
Carolina, Jordan, Christina,
Tammy and Haley

Released from the hospital,
Yesterday,17 April,
Returning home to my Loving wife
and my home, along the Wasatch.

Room 5228 - Huntsman Cancer Hospital
Thursday, April 18, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: surgery
Written 18 April 2019.Hoping for a complete recovery and a brighter tomorrow.
Bri Edwards 03 June 2019

2 - one of my older brothers had his prostate gland removed due to cancer over 11 years ago. he's been 'Pampered'** ever since! : ( bri ;) ** he's been unable to control urine flow and has 'had to' wear diapers all these years. a recent attempt to install a control valve he could control himself was unsuccessful.

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Kim Barney 19 April 2019

Welcome back, Hank. May you continue to recover properly and share many more poems with us!

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Kim, Thank you for your well wishes! !

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Kumarmani Mahakul 18 April 2019

Surgery was a success. Recovery brought a good news for all of us. Surgeon doctors like Doctor, Mulvihill and Sean J have worked hard to give recovery and we are thankful to them. Returning home to your Loving wife after recovery was definitely a great achievement. Getting recovery from cancer is good. We offer our prayer before God for your goodness and fortune. This is an amazing poem brilliantly penned.10

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Varsha M 31 January 2021

When world was fighting with COVID you were batteling with your own body negoriating to live little more. How are you doing now sir. Be good and healthy.

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Michael Walker 26 August 2019

It is good to express gratitude to hospital staff this way. They deserve some praise. I like the photo also.

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Darwin Henry Beuning 27 August 2019

Michael, The staff was outstanding! ! They work 12 hour shifts under sometimes the most stressful situations. Very Brave and caring. I owe them my heartfelt thanks and what better way to express it, then in a POEM.

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Kathy Wright 13 August 2019

A sobering poem of total surrender to believe for the best! Poet is humbly thanking the dr and medical team that have been used by God to bring healing and hope to this poet who continues to bring hope to all his comrades in his writings!

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Darwin Henry Beuning 26 July 2019

26 July 2019. Today I had an appointment with Dr Mulvihill. He gave me a clear bill of health. This photo was taken in his office at the Huntsman Cancer Hospital.

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Michael Walker 02 July 2019

Any poem about cancer surgery and hospitals is sure to interest me. I think that you have a good surgeon, I remember his photo.

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Darwin Henry Beuning

Darwin Henry Beuning

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