*royal Bengal Tiger Poem by sarwar chowdhury

*royal Bengal Tiger

Rating: 3.6

Royal bengal tiger!
When swim to pass across river
Target is determined.
Just straight forward move on
To reach that place has set out.

Ever if waves move little
Back to the beginning point.
Straight a must
No left no right
Upright - just.

Royal bengal do not know,
jostle and joggle
He knows-
Hazardous jolt,
Frightening thunderbolt!

Eyes are radiant with glory
Richer colour for
Amazing stripes
Created ancient myth and folklore

Royal bengal tiger never agree with
Mischievous counsel of jackals.

(The national animal of Bangladesh is Royal Bengal Tiger)

©copyright by sarwar chowdhury. all rights reserved.

Aijaz Asif 15 November 2008

a brilliant write indeed....after reading several times i came to know this that you wrote this master piece with so much love, passion and patriotism towards a symbol, animal and country...even thou it gives me the idea of the poem once i read written by Alama Iqbal our national poet on a falcon 'Shaheen'- in this poem i think you are trying to show the true patriotism and making right decissions no matter how tough time would be and always achieve the target no matter hard the prey is....i might be wrong but if im not then i think its the one of the best and inspiring write you did sir....thanks for sharing 10++++++ and A+++++ rgds asif

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Seema Chowdhury 15 November 2008

Royal Bengal Tiger.... the pride of our nation... well chosen topic. i enjoyed reading it. thanks for sharing.

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Dr Kamran Haider 16 November 2008

Really a great tribute to Royal Bengal Tiger... Beautifully conceived, well versed and an amazing read... Loved it... Mr. Chowdhury,10 is just nothing for most of your works... Another beautiful piece by you...

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Linda Moore 16 November 2008

A Tribute to a Mighty Cat that walks in Pride and Beauty, your poem speaks of that. Nice writing, good feeling.....10

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Nia Riz 16 November 2008

beautiful! ! ! ....how well you have described the mighty cat here! ! !

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Harshwardhan gadhwal 01 December 2019

Very good poem annd well written

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corpral jackson 22 November 2017

nice it is majestic creatures

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Deepta Protik Osman 02 January 2010

Impressive Description of a Brave Tiger

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Sarah Sisson 01 December 2008

I think this poem is outstanding! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 20 November 2008

An awesome poem....the last two punch lines are really meaningful. Well done Mr. Chowdhury! By the way my family name is Chowdhry as well. Nasir is my pen-name.

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