Rubbish Poem by Valerie Dohren


Rating: 4.9

The world is full of rubbish
I see it all around
Strewn along the pavements
And scattered ‘cross the ground

It hangs on outstretched branches
Like washing on a line
Dumped into the river
Oh, aint it such a crime

You'll find it in the gutter
Amassed around the trees
Tangled in the hedges
And carried by the breeze

Blown around like tumbleweed
You'll find it everywhere
It wraps around my feet
Then flies into my hair

So if you are responsible
For putting it about
Shame on you because its clear
You're just a litter-lout!

And hence, my friend, I ask you
What should we do with it -
Put it in the dustbin
But make sure it will fit

There's also verbal rubbish
That rolls right off the tongue
The stuff that's made of words
That rattle all day long

You'll hear it on the telly
Which isn't very good
I'm sure you will agree
It's just a heap of crud

Some politicians spout it
And those who have no brains
Writers even write it
When nothing else remains

So, all my fellow poets,
If what you have to say
Amounts to simply rubbish
Then put your pen away

Methinks the time is coming
To take my final bow
Terminate this nonsense
And end it, stop it now

I know what you are thinking
(Some words I can't repeat)
This rhyme's a load of rubbish
Which PH should delete

Just a fun write - for a change! And of course, I don't mean to imply that anyone on Poemhunter writes rubbish.

- -

delete, delete, delete, delete, delete, delete,
delete, delete, delete, delete, delete, delete,
delete, delete, delete, delete, delete, delete.
Bri Edwards 24 June 2014

well, i skimmed through the comments before reading the poem. it sounds promising. THIS BETTER BE GOOD! ! ! 'cause i'm in the middle of oatmeal.......i mean in the middle of 'eating' oatmeal. :) bri

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Karen Sinclair 09 March 2013

Loved this poem the patter is strong the message I say yay! Too... My friend used to encourage our kids to just drop litter on the way to school if she walked them and I'd go berseque and make both our set of children hang on to wrappers. I mean they damage the wildlife and just a minimal effort sets a finer place tyvm

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David Wood 09 May 2013

Rubbish, rubbish everywhere. We are sinking in a sea of rubbish. And what about recycling, where does all that go? Probably in landfill in secret. As poets we can become environmentalists.

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Pam Crane 17 January 2014

I love your humorous poems, Valerie! Rubbish drives me mad, and Llandudno Council ought to be paying me for picking it off the streets every time I go out - we live on a corner at a cross-roads, and everybody else's detritus whirling around on the local wind-currents ends up at our gate and in our garden (helped by antisocial passers-by.) Mind you - once it was a £20 note, so I shouldn't complain! As we have a similar sense of humour, you might enjoy one or two of my poems. Only 20 on the site so far; more to come.

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Lyn Pendleton 18 February 2013

Hi Valerie, although I don't like rubbish, I've always liked the word itself. It rolls off the tongue so nicely. In my mind I can easily recall Glinda the good witch saying it to the wicked witch. And I don't understand peoples need to produce so much rubbish for convien- ence sake. And I'll say it. I don't understand so much bad poetry. I've written plenty of bad poems, but they'te long gone and for- gotten. They became rubbish. Hopefully the ones I saved were worth saving. I think so. Anyway, you write extremely well, will read more. Take care, Lyn

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Georgia. Carey. 17 November 2019

It's. Long. And. Beautiful. Well. Done

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Ken E Hall 25 June 2015

Velly velly funny...This rhyme's a load of rubbish no its not I like it to be told to pick it up...Singapore is the place to be its clean...sorry you did not mention the sea of plastic swirling in the sea tons of it...nice to see you care...regards

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Lyn Paul 06 April 2015

Wonderful words to read again. The verbal rubbish is worse than the street rubbish. Thank You Val

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High on humor and rich in responsibility. You have found a very light way to deal with a very heavy and important message. Well done my friend!

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Amitava Sur 14 July 2014

If it's a fun write, Valerie I must say you write this sort of poems very often to open our eyes. It's very right you said and we all should follow it. Thank you.

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