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O Great God!

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O Great God! Treat those moments...
A man laughs when...
eyes filled with tears! !

O Great God! Treat those moments...
A man feels fear when...
another is there! !

O Great God! Treat those moments...
A man eats when...

another sweats! !
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Ramesh Rai 10 September 2014

God is great. He treats every thing as per his own will. We just can imagine n dream.10

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Heather Wilkins 27 June 2014

a great poem about God. well versed,

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Brian Johnston 01 January 2014

A fine poem. I would change the last line to War's a solution! This the only line where clarity is lacking. Please write more for us. Always remember that your perspective is always your most valuable gift to the world. It shines through the frailty of our words...

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Tirupathi Chandrupatla 27 December 2013

Bringing the pitiful situations that may be going unnoticed. Great poem. Thank you.

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Shahzia Batool 19 December 2013

antithesis is your effective way to communicate the message right to the readers!

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Mj Lemon 02 July 2019

I had to read and reread this several times. I think this is among your best work. There is a lesson about true balance- a universal balance- placed so perfectly in this verse.

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Unwritten Soul 05 April 2018

O Great God! treat this person Who loves you and love others To let air filled with hope and peace

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Chinedu Dike 08 February 2017

An appeal made in total submission to God for the manifestation of His presence in adversity, nicely brought with spiritual insight. Thanks for sharing.

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Valsa George 17 January 2017

A lot of antagonistic forces are there in life! Hills and valleys stay together as abundance and poverty co habit! Only God can balance these paradoxical forces! Profound thoughts!

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Susan Williams 10 January 2017

you put a lot of thought into the structure of this poem and it paid off- - the poem is simple yet complex, harsh but lovely, but always faithful. Great write.

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