Seasonal Cycle - Chapter 05 - Winter Poem by Kalidasa

Seasonal Cycle - Chapter 05 - Winter

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'Oh, dear with best thighs, heart-stealing is this environ with abundantly grown stacks of rice and their cobs, or with sugarcane, and it is reverberated with the screeches of ruddy gees that abide hither and thither... now heightened will be passion, thereby this season will be gladdening for lusty womenfolk, hence listen of this season, called Shishira, the Winter...

'At this time, people enjoy abiding in the medial places of their residences, whose ventilators are blockaded for the passage of chilly air, and at fireplaces, in sunrays, with heavy clothing, and along with mature women of age, for they too will be passionately steamy...

'Presently, not the sandal-paste, which will be coolant like moonbeams of moon, nor the building tops, that were once rendered pleasant with the immaculate moonshine, nor the breezes, that are chilled by dense sleet... any of them is delightful for the people...

'The nights are unenjoyable for the people, for they are chilled with the huddles of snow, and further chilled by moonbeams of the moon, besides, these nights are ornamented very whitish clusters of cluttered and lacklustre stars...

'On taking betel leaves and their enclosing material like lime and areca-nut parings, and other fragrant material for chewing, and even handling body creams and tassels of flowers, for it is cool to wear them on, and with their lotus-like faces that are fragranced with delightful recreational drinks, the women are enthusiastically entering their bedchambers, that are desirably fragranced with the fumigation of aloe vera resin...

'On entering bedchambers seen are the irritant husbands irritating for the arrival of their wives, but once these husbands were at fault and they were daunted repeatedly earlier, hence they are now wavery, for their hearts are ciphered by their hesitation, and on looking at such husbands, who are now longing for lovemaking, the lustful women are overlooking their faults, lest time and opportunity fritters away... thus this season unites couples, though they are at loggerheads...

'The women that are new to adulthood are relentlessly gratified for a long time in longish nights, by young men who are muchly impassioned and lusting for their women, thus these young women after the end of night are moving about sluggishly in the morning, with their aching busts that are strained during last night's escapade...

'The womenfolk's breasts are tightly bound by breast-bands thus they are squeezy, and on them the upper fringe of their colourful silk wraparound is wrapped, and such busts are ornamented, and in their hairdo interposed are flowers, thus those women are delightful and it appears that they themselves are embellishing the wintry season as its ornaments...

'Nowadays the chests of lustful men are ocherish for they are rubbed against bosoms of their flirtatious women, whose busts are adorned with vermilion coloured skincare, and which young women are befitting for a comfortable close self-indulgence, for they are new to adulthood, and have warmish bosoms, and the men are sleeping while overly pressing the bosoms of their ladyloves against their own, thus the men are brazening out the chilling coldness of winter, and thus the women of age have an edge on the frostiness of this season...

'In nights the gladdened women of age, desirous of lovemaking are consuming best, heart-stealing, excitant, and stimulant hard drinks along with their lovers, in which drinks lotus petal are placed for fragrance, and which lotus petals are undulated by the richly scented lusty suspirations of those women...

'In the morning, one woman on getting rid of her penchant of passion, examined her own body, and observed that her nipples are subdued by her lover's embrace, and thus concluding that her body is completely enjoyed by her lover, she is going out of the bedchamber to another chamber, laughingly...

'At dawn, another charmingly delightful and attractive woman, whose rumps are heavy and whose waistline is slender, on joggling the ends of her slithered hair plaits from which discarded are the circlets of flowers, that adorned her bun last night but now withered, and on furling up that hair which is fragrant, for it was fumigated with the resin of aloe vera during last night, is leaving the bed...

'With their discoid faces that look like golden lotuses, cleansed just with water, and with their wide and medially whitish eyes, whose edges touch the edges of ears, and with their just cleansed hair dangling and clasping their shoulders, those women of age are snugly in the heart of their houses in these days, and they appear to be many a personified prosperity, Goddess Lakshmi-s, amidst Her golden lotuses...

'Other women of age, uneasy with the weight of their beamy behinds, a little bent down at waist by the weight of their breasts, which weight of breasts and behinds is making them to walk slowly and slowly, but they are quickly disrobing themselves of their night-time and love-time getups, and enrobing themselves with the getups befitting for daytime...

'On observing the areas of their bosoms that are puckered at their tops with edges of nails of their lovers during last night, and while touching the teeth-cracked tender-leaf like lower lips with their tongues, those women of age are rejoicing, for all this is according to their sought-after delectation, thus they are applying makeup on their faces, at the dawn time of the sun, that rejoicingly...

'In this season, abundant are the new sugar-candies and their modified sweetmeats, new rice is relishable, juice of new sugar-cane is delightful, intensified will be the disport of lovemaking, for the self-conceit of Love-god occasions anew, but this season alone will be the cause for scorching the hearts of those that are devoid of their loved ones, and thus let this winter season be always there for your propitiousness...

Seasonal Cycle - Chapter 05 - Winter
Sylvia Frances Chan 02 March 2019

I have enjoyed this CLASSIC POEM OF THE DAY! Hurray! Ancient poems are oft from this powerful and flowery words. In that era in poems is just as DAILY EXERCISE, a habit of famous poets from that period. True famous for its sweet building up the poem to the next stage. Well penned and spontaneously coming out from the mind. Tremendous tender.

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Edward Kofi Louis 02 March 2019

Juice of new suger-cane is delightful! ! Love and art. 👫😍🤩🤗 Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Unnikrishnan E S 02 March 2019

This looks like a verbatim translation of chapter “Sisira” from Ritusamharam. Good to read.....

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Darren Jkoeryo 02 March 2019

CONGRATULATIONS to the honourable family of KALIDAS

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Dr Antony Theodore 02 March 2019

The great Kalidasa..of India. one of the great poets of the world....... he should be read in the original.. love, , passion. society, human beings, their tendencies...... wonderful. tony

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paul amrod 02 March 2020

Amazingly passionate with a descriptive genius exemplifying the sensual.

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Dr Antony Theodore 02 March 2020

intensified will be the disport of lovemaking, for the self-conceit of Love-god occasions anew, but this season alone will be the cause for scorching the hearts of those that are devoid of their loved ones, and thus let this winter season be always there for your propitiousness... the great Kalidasa of India. tony

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Adeeb Alfateh 02 March 2020

such a lovely penning...........lovely greatest 10++

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Sylvia Frances Chan 02 March 2020

WOW! The handsome greatest poet of all time KALIDASA is chosen again as The Classic POTD, most deserving, though ages dead, he IS the greatest, I reckon in Poetry's History all over the world. IMAGINE, he lived ages before Shakespeare and the rest. He is considered to be one of the greatest Sanskrit poets ever. We must read in this language, translated versions are changed a bit, but that can change the meaning what K.wrote

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Sylvia Frances Chan 02 March 2020

Little is known about Kālidāsa's life. According to legend, he was known for his beauty, which brought him to the attention of Princess Vidyottama and she married him. But since he got none education, she was very disappointed about his hoarseness and the more. So he wanted commit suicide since he was ashamed of being treated inhumanly by his wife. But great drama, he was killed by a courtesan in Sri Lanka during the reign of Kumaradasa.

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