Saturday, April 5, 2008

Shakespeare’s Tragic Flaw....... [a Literary Treat]

Rating: 5.0
‘POETICS’ concocted with decent science
When ARISTOTLE the noble treatise design,

Brooded the BARD with ionic pen
Borrowed the flaws from Poetic’s den,

Undulating HAMLET stammered the verse
‘To be or not to be’ became Denmark’s curse,

Arrogant LEAR donated British crown
Stormed by sinners, with Kent and his clown,

MACBETH’S foul, the fair ambition abide
The prophetic witches cajoled the Scotland’s pride,

OTHELLO’S suspicion awakened death
His jealously fetched, virtuous Venice’s wrath

Medical metaphor purgated the tear
Abducted the emotion of PITY and FEAR

The TRAGIC FLAW cathartically connived
Endowed the ‘vent’ for passionate Mankind.

Aristotle in his ‘POETICS’ [the scientific study of poetry] mentioned about the tragic flaws and Hammartia. The tragedy in life is not the result of any outside evil but due to that one negative trait of the protagonist. Humans need a vent; the tragedy is to arouse the emotions of pity and fear in the way to affect catharsis.
The four major Shakespearean tragic plays are based on four different flaws; Hamlet was inconsistent, King Lear too arrogant, Macbeth highly ambitious and Othello jealous [suspicious].
Abha Sharma
Jillian L'amour 28 June 2015
Is this a true poem or a rhyme?
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Nkululeko Mdudu 28 May 2008
Indeed this was a literary treat! I've always found poetry in science and science in poetry, whether in theatre or in lab, one must not fall short of the true flaw: to be human. Wondwerfully written beyond my expectations; even shakespeare would be proud!
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Rema Prasanna 22 May 2008
A powerful work, intense, deep, the whole lot of hypothesis humans can’t find in, complicated collection of Shakespearian tragedy, Abha, you handled well on a designer comfort, all those characters a visual treat in conceptual schemes, perfect for a 10.
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Hamlet is consistent when it's a question of wasting something or somebody, except his stepfather. King Lear lives the tragedy of the incompetent authority in an old, he's an unrealistic incapable. Macbeth has got his double in his wife and without her he's not able to do anything, to commit suicide either. Instead Othello is able to commit suicide, homicide, to revenge a terribly deep interior wound.
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Leonard Daranjo 04 May 2008
You have captured the quintessence of four of the great bard's major plays with incredible succinctness and erudition. You have ripped through the externals to get to the kernal. Take care
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Sonny Rainshine 27 April 2008
Nice poem-both entertaining and educational. I have a friend who has read everything Shakespeare ever wrote, often reading the plays and sonnets multiple times. I'll direct him to your poem. He'll find it delightful. He is working on a theory (shared by many Shakespeare scholars) that Shakespeare did not write the plays, because he simply did not have the educational background to compose such language.
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Sadiqullah Khan 25 April 2008
educative..thanks for sharng
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helena dombrowski 22 April 2008
hmmmmm...... well not sure, i never read shakespear so dont know what to say..... ----*over and out, the devilz work is done*-------------
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Anil Kumar 20 April 2008
Intelligently woven poem.I remember one scholar saying, Brevity is the soul of wit.You have synchronized Poetics and Shakespearean Concept of Tragedy in a short poem.Great combination of words to perform this Miracle.The whole concept of Tragedy can be under stood by this poem. Great experience. regards. Anil Kumar
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Patricia Gale 19 April 2008
Clever! Brillant and insightful!
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