She Walks In Beauty Poem by Ronjoy Brahma

She Walks In Beauty

Rating: 3.5

By fair means or foul
Once that I wish to say her,
You're so cute and beautiful
Do you wish me like I wish you?

By heart I snaps her walking in beauty
When she becomes nearby me anytime any place,
But still I can't say everything all at once,
Even in the dream I can't say with the front

The birds sings their heart early in the morning
The sun rises after that as beautiful and bright,
And the flowers opens, the butterflies fly,
Then I think I'm losing my mind now

I call to mind her walking in beauty
And therefore I walk in the morning as often as possible,
It gives me a sense of happiness and free fresh oxygen,
In her life as I want to flow like the water

I think If I were a bird of the sky...
Or if I were the wind of the every afternoon....
And everyday, every twilight and at night...
I can imagine about her beautifully as I wish and love


Monday, March 19, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: life,love
Akhtar Jawad 24 November 2018

A lovely poem, I think If I were a bird of the sky Or if I were the wind of the every afternoon, And every day, every twilight and at night, I could be see her happily as I wish and love A powerful concluding stanza.

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Ashika Murali Acharya 19 March 2018

Nice descriptive and imaginative write. However you may please check few correction in words and phrase, which would make it more perfect. Thanks for sharing.

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Ronjoy Brahma

Ronjoy Brahma

Amteka (Chirang) /Assam, India
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