Shining Stars, You Shine Poem by Obed dela Cruz

Shining Stars, You Shine

Rating: 5.0

Shining stars, you shine so brightly.
Your light is always shiny
You are known to the galaxy.
You are many but of royalty.

Your fame stays
You burn not like the hays.
Your beauty all desire to have.
All men, you they love.

You are pure
And you endure.
None can hurt you.
Only God can defeat you!

Beauty is your middles name.
Your last name is fame.
People try to remember your names.
You are never late to fashion and style.

But I remind you,
In your greatness, be humble.
Anytime, God can remove you.
Anytime, you can be stumbled.

You cannot last forever.
You can explode anytime.
Yes, people may fight you never
But remind yourself to not just think of your “mine”

Never let pride overtake
Treason, don’t ever make.
Use your fame to promote goodness.
Use your riches to help the helpless.

Your shine lasts long.
Always be strong.
Boast not vanity.
Promote charity!

Care for this world.
Save your planet earth.
You are a beautiful glow.

Patti Masterman 20 August 2009

Good work, Obed. You are becoming a better writer. We all always want to improve, it's true.

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Marieta Maglas 20 August 2009

wonderful descriptive poem for stars, fulfilled with celestial light...............10+

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Beauty Philosophy 20 August 2009

A nice poem and a good underlying message.

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Rajaram Ramachandran 20 August 2009

A star poem praising the stars. 'Twinkle, Twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you're, Up above the world so high, Like a diamond in the sky! '

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Clara Odelia Ciutara 20 August 2009

What a beautiful poem! Describing each little thing about the shining stars. I never see shining stars before, but I know it's existing and has a great deal in this life.

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Dr Antony Theodore 24 August 2018

You are pure And you endure. None can hurt you. Only God can defeat you! ....Beauty is your name, light is your name and ability...... but remain humble always. a great advice you make........ thank u dear poet humility is what i learned from your great poem. tony

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Christina Phan 27 August 2009

such an interesting poem kept it up such inspiriation i enjoy it really much

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Mohammed Albalushi 22 August 2009

wonderful poem dear obed, keep writing and thanks for sharing

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Kristi . 21 August 2009

Aww I like this poem :) you wrote it well. Very nice!

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Audrey Heller 20 August 2009

Very well done! And if I were a teacher, I'd gve you, a nice shiny, star! Keep up, the good work.

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