She Is Just A Woman Poem by Joseph Anderson

She Is Just A Woman

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Yes sir, she is just a woman,
God's greatest gift to man;
We will never meet her standards,
Most men should understand.

Her form and beauty, grace and charm
Surpass the scope of men;
Her love, compassion, worth and wit
Is where few men have been.

Adept, aware, professional,
She crashed our manly throne
And proved to all that she deserved,
Her place outside the home.

Creator and deliverer
Of man upon this earth;
Could man's full glory e'er surpass
The miracle of birth?

Yes sir, she is just a woman
And certainly not trite,
As she awaits, long overdue
Her equal civil right.

Just one old man's opinion
R.j. Wynn 30 April 2013

Flawless poem Joseph, You just keep getting better.

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David Wood 02 May 2013

Fantastic poem Jo. Only women can go through the pain of childbirth. Men would moan for months!

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Valerie Dohren 29 April 2013

Excellent response to my poem Joseph - all we women want is to be recognized as equal and valued citizens. Whilst most men thankfully do acknowledge this, there is still a minority who persist in thinking that women are inferior beings whose place is in the home. Thank you Joseph.

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Hans Vr 30 April 2013

Just today I had a meeting on medical research ethics in which women were voicing out their rights and the ongoing injustice they tend to experience. This poem is an excellent expression of how we should value them. I love this opinion and the way it is expressed.

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Smoky Hoss 30 April 2013

Beautiful, poetic soul these words are. Indeed, you speak a great truth!

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Ken E Hall 10 June 2013

Admirable poem to the rightful praise of woman long overdue in some countries...very well done...regards

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Patricia Grantham 15 May 2013

A great poem I must say Joseph, not because it is about women (smile) but because it gives a great discourse on how important the femaile gender is. I felt very exhilirated after reading an uplifting poem as this one. Thumbs up!

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Soumita Sarkar 12 May 2013

I think this poem is a great tribute to all Women in the world...........a man in a male dominated world can understand......... then why the others are far behind? ? ?

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Yasmin Khan 11 May 2013

Great and generous endorsement by an open-hearted and unprejudiced feels great. Can we say it's an ode to womankind?

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Valsa George 03 May 2013

Wonderful! What a great acknowledgement from a man who has seen the world and has passed through umpteen experiences and witnessed the vicissitudes of life! ! If the world had been peopled with men like Mr. Joseph, the fate of woman would have been different. A great write! ! Thanks for this and also for the beautiful comments! Enjoyed much!

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