Sibiu, My Love! Poem by Elena Sandu

Sibiu, My Love!

Rating: 4.8

Yes, yes, yes, indeed!
Sibiu, my lovely city
It is the One
On which, by taking walks
At quiet times,
It filled my heart with.. Beauty!
Yes! ! ..Sibiu would make you feel apart
Of present's ugly world
That never stops to grow
On concrete, steel
with complicate design
the darkest glass,
uughhh! Yuck! ! the smell
of black asphalt!
Take my hand, come!
I'll show you this kind,
Soo lovely city
Built on baked clay
painted with love
On light, in many shades
Of warmest red!
See how the chestnut
old romantic trees
Majestically bow to us
And then, let's
take our shoes off
To walk or waltz
on Sibiu's
ancient stones
feel, breathe, smell,
Live its history, let free
Your soul, time travel,
dream of other ways
to live again
forgotten ways
of quiet sunny
happy days.

*Sibiu, the love of my soul, which shown me the light for the first time the place I had been raised, it is the true heart
of a beautiful land, called Romania.

Iron Panda 23™ 08 March 2010

this is soooo beautiful! ! ! i'd love to walk with\^-^/

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Peter Furlong 10 March 2010

ah! I intend to visit romania in august n ur poem has certainly inspired me to visit sibiu... barefoot!

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Akhtar Jawad 18 June 2014

A lovely description of a beautiful city, a poem with love of homeland in a sweet and simple language, there are a lot of beauty in this poem to be admired.

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Khairul Ahsan 16 March 2014

I agree with Valsa George that 'you have immortalised Sibiu! ' What a lovely poem you've written on your homeland! If I ever go to Europe, I shall not forget to visit Sibiu. 'Take my hand, come I'll show you this kind, soo lovely city Built on baked clay painted with love On light, in many shades Of warmest red! ' - So beautiful and so lovely! Thanks for sharing this nice poem.

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Valsa George 31 July 2012

Each one loves his homeland. There is an inalienable bond which cannot be snapped out easily, how farther we travel and what beautiful climes, we enjoy elsewhere! Elena, you have immortalised Sibiu! !

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Saadat Tahir 01 July 2010

have mingeled black and white photography with select colors... almost as artistic as the built up europe of olden times.... great kleidoscopic shafts come gushing in throug painted glass to highlight bits of life... selcted for focus lovely...enjoyed it cheers

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John Knight 15 March 2010

Hi Elena - This is a very emotive poem and a lovely example of FREE VERSE. Even though it lacks rhyme it has a wonderful flow and I found it very easy to read and to recite in my Poetry Circle. It is full of real passion: 'Sibiu - my lovely city' 'It filled my heart with beauty'. I love the comparison with other less beautiful and rapidly expanding cities; 'The present ugly world - of concrete and steel - the smell of black ashphalt'. The next lines are very beautiful and inviting: 'Take my hand I'll show you this kind soo lovely City'. You paint a lovely picture - Baked clay - chestnut trees - take off our shoes - walk the ancient stones - feel - breath - smell - live its history - dream - AWESOME. I love the ending (which is the most important part of any poem. 'To live again - forgotten ways - of quiet sunny happy days.' This is how I remember Transylvania - thanks for sharing Elena - it merits a TEN. Love in Poetry - JOHN

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