Prince Charming Poem by elsee daniel

Prince Charming

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He makes me feel that I am nothing to him;
But still my heart says I am born for him.
My little heart aches for him,
Waiting to make love with him.
“Handsome” is a word for him.
I can never close my eyes in front of him;
Hollywood hero would feel jealous of him.
And even “Miss World” would fret for him,
Thousands of stars are gazing at him,
The beautiful moon fell in love with him;
And the burning sun can never stand before him,
My friends asked who is this him,
And I sang a beautiful hymn for him.
Offering my heart, soul an mind for him,
And I am still waiting for him,
To tell him I love him 3

Manu Jadwani 12 November 2009

my story..or my poem in other words...nicely written

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Allan O 12 November 2009

very nice..i enjoyed reading this elsee...keep them coming.. ~^..^

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Joseph Poewhit 12 November 2009

A lady in waiting in the tower

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Akham Nilabirdhwaja Singh 18 February 2016

Such a captivating poem, like so much.

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Chitra - 15 November 2009

charming write....a cinderella dream like poem!

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* Stephen *king 13 November 2009

I thought this poem was about, PRINCE HARMING' poem..

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 12 November 2009

a charming handsome lover....

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Obinna Eruchie 12 November 2009

He makes you feel you are in a space of heavenly lights. CUTE!

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