Rainbow - Dancing With The Wind Poem by TaMaRa HaNaRiNg ,(((( PaLeSTiNe))))FreedOm Flottila .

Rainbow - Dancing With The Wind

Rating: 3.7

Amazing lady you..
like you has never been..
like him has never seen..
and no one will know,

At night at the sea..
when there you will be..
in the wind you and who,

you will dance with the wind
when the start never end
with the waves both flow,

dropp me back to the rain
keep with you the Love's chain
then back me to the bow,

the amazing one are you...

water me and the buds.
teach the buds how to grow,

Your words like the touch,
your touch like the dew,

Keep on singing every day
toward you open the way
then the feeling let it glow,

keep on raising rate of beats
then the raising keep slow..


n your breathing let me live
let me come, let me go..
let the sadness..me to blow,

how the chance became dance..
how the arts of the parts
let me see and you show..
God CREATION God draw,

words from the heart
from the feeling i will sew..
The wondrous one are you.......



Afzal Shauq (7/12/2009 4: 14: 00 AM) I again and again say that tamara dear is a good poetess with realistic approach and her pasion is to promote quality and sense of competetion...appreciate her.10/1

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Saadat Tahir (7/16/2009 1: 39: 00 PM) Where shepherds once were hous'd in homely sheds, Now tow'rs within the clouds advance their heads. writing credit...where due! The Aeneid, by Virgil

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~ Jon London ~ (7/26/2009 9: 49: 00 AM) Words that echoes the pattern of life back into the heart...nicely done Tamara

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The Dreamer (6/24/2009 11: 40: 00 AM) broken hearts i treat. I like these words always better to treat than create - Thank you

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Mary Sanchez 03 September 2009

What an interesting expression of feelings, I like the way you correlate the subjects of this piece.

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Debra Cranford 29 January 2015


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Sahar Sahar 27 November 2009

It is very beautiful poem to remember always with greatness in its structure

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Rachel Butler 08 November 2009

'Your words like the touch, your touch like the dew' Rachel Ann Butler

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Peter Langsford 20 October 2009

These poems are really making it into a top list somewhere?

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Eyan Desir 19 October 2009

Good flow of words I felt as if my tongue was dancing good write 10 points

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