Sky Poem by Frank Bana


Rating: 4.6

It was 16 degrees below freezing today.

The sky was blue, bright and vast.

I looked more closely at the sky

And it was suffused by sunlight, the same bright sunlight

That you are bathed in.

There was a corner of the sky that was grey and empty

Where you usually are.

I resolved to look more deeply, more intensely

At this vacant part of the majestic sky.

The deeper I concentrated, the more you emerged

And I found you again, in the sky of my mind

In the tapestry of my feelings and thoughts.

Across wide continents, you are here

And the empty part of the sky dissolves

Into a rich portrait of your days and nights

Where the earth beneath our feet unites.

Ka Lana 30 October 2020

How many stanzas are in this poem

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Anna Cellmer 01 January 2006

I like your thoughts and beautiful write is this I really enjoyed reading, thank you for sharing Anna

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Ernestine Northover 31 December 2005

A beautiful write Frank, you take us through the sky so well, and gently land us back on terra firma with a lovely ending. So romantic these memories here. Love Ernestine XXX

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Joseph Daly 29 December 2005

This is a beautiful work, Frank. A touching meditation on love. The wording and flow are excellent and just right for each other.

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