Sleep Poem by Susan Williams


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I need to sleep
I need its strengthening
I need its peaceful arms enfolding me
and holding me and giving me peace
but it doesn't come
night after night it doesn't come
and in the still of the night
I open my eyes
to darkness
darkness and silence
but her I see
I see her standing there looking like a holocaust victim
a prisoner of Auschwitz
her flesh stretched tight over her bones
she screams in pain but there is no sound
no one seems to hear her
but I hear how much her skin hurts her
her eyes are pleading with me to save her
she holds out a hand for a glass she cannot hold
her name is Pain
her name is Dying Inch By Inch
her name is Daughter.
~~~~~~~©February 6,2023 by Susan Williams


Susie, this poem of your soul continues on top of the chart… it will

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Susan Williams 06 March 2023

Thank you, my friend... I didn't know it was on the charts until you told me! ! ! I thank you for caring about my poetry! ! ! You are so kind.

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Susan Williams 06 March 2023

I don't know if my previous response went through. If not, I'll say it again---thank you for caring about the status of this poem on the chart--you are sweet to care! !

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Scaled one position. It is at #11 today. Congratulations

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Sandra Feldman 06 February 2023

I have no words, of those that make up an entire language, with which to be able to calm or take away your immense pain, and how I wish I had that power! But my thoughts are with you, deeply and there close they with remain.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 22 March 2023

So beautifully crafted and well expressed poem. Very heartfelt. To my favorites.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 22 March 2023

I always idolize people who can share their pains and sufferings. People who are in their shoes could in one way or another derive their strength to hurdle their difficulties in life.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 22 March 2023

This beautiful poem is like a novel crafted in just few paragraphs. A story of the agony of a loving mother and her beloved daughter, how they go through the difficulties of life. This is how great poetry works where you could deliver to a reader a great story in just a very short time.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 22 March 2023

A deeply poignant and touching but so beautiful poem that reaches the deepest part of heart and very soul. A reader's emotions could easily swayed by the flow of words that were coined so heartily and honestly.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 22 March 2023

Cont.3..The words of my late grandmother were like in a tape recorder played twice a day and I know that sleep avoided her because she was always reading her bible and keeping herself busy

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