Smoke From The Chimney* Poem by Adeline Foster

Smoke From The Chimney*

Rating: 4.9

Smoke from the chimney against a gray sky,
Wherever you're going, thither go I.
The heart of a youth will forever repeat
The natural longing of youth's itchy feet.
Smoke from the chimney, what lands you traverse,
Sailing out over all countries of earth.
Smoke from the chimney, I sit with fixed eye
As over the landscape we go moving by.
The wind is the howl of our train as we pass
Cities and mountains and wide prairie grass.
Adventurer's awaiting my daring, I know,
Where life never sleeps like those still drifts of snow.
False day in the city admits of the noise
Of wandering footsteps of lost girls and boys.
Their loud, vivid costumes reveal the bold trace
Of rebellion against all convention and taste.
My senses all tremble, abating the dream
To know of the places these waifs may have been.
I know of the danger, I have heard the tales;
Though daring may grip me, trepidation prevails.
Across the wide prairie I ride with the troops
Of cowboys and Indians I know now are mute,
So I watch for the bluegrass I've heard in a song,
Or trucks on the highways that thunder a long.
Smoke from the chimney how silent you flow;
Caught in your clutch, I don't want to let go.
My weary eyes close on the places I've seen
To continue my quest in the depth of a dream.

This poem describes how my sister and I,
as youngsters, would sit at our window and
stare into the smoke as it drifted from the
chimney till we felt that we, instead of the
smoke, were moving. In whispers, for we were
supposed to be asleep, we would discuss the
places it might take us.
Joseph Anderson 15 November 2012

I had similar memories. Just wish I could express them so vividly. Those kind of things will linger as long as we. Another poetic gem

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 10 November 2012

A fabulous rhymin poem i enjoyd readin! Down yor memory lane. Wish i cud write like u when im yor age.

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Valerie Dohren 11 November 2012

A very inspired poem, and beautifully penned. Enjoyed reading.

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Owain Glyn 02 March 2013

This is simply evocative and beautiful.

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Smoky Hoss 22 December 2012

You've taken me back to a somewhere long ago, yet paradoxically perhaps far far ahead. What a wonderment. Living's mystery held up to the light in a sweet shower of words. As an old friend of mine would say of such things of beauty: Ain't it great! This poem is great.

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Robert Beck 15 December 2012

Ah, how well I remember those young itchy feet, beautiful poem.

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Heyyou Boy 06 December 2012

I really enjoyed this poem with its effortless flow. Well done.

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Vipins Puthooran 18 November 2012

An excellent poem in a fine tune/ Top marksss

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Adeline Foster

Adeline Foster

Instructor of poetry, Hagerstown, MD
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