Some Questions (?) Poem by M. Asim Nehal

Some Questions (?)

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In a war-torn region, who will light the lamp of peace?
To make this world a nonviolent place to live.

Who among the scholars will tame the humanity?
To enlighten society and bring about meaningful civilization.

Who will protect the environment when nature raises the alarm?
To save the planet and all its inhabitants,

Who will feed the orphans and the poor in these difficult times?
When one part is rich in resources and the other is penurious.

Who will take the initiative to make trade and commerce flourish?
When narrow minds obstruct free economic means.

Richard Wlodarski 28 March 2023

Very tough questions expressed so very well in this profound poem. i sincerely believe that The Pope and Dalai Lama could do a lot more to alleviate some of these problems.

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Nabakishore Dash 27 March 2023

Your questions are essentially very relevant.But l like to say that all troubles are human's actions.No body is only man can amend.

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Pallavi Tripathi 27 March 2023

It has to us isn't it?

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Gordon Walter 26 March 2023

Thought provoking poem from master poet, MAN.

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Gordon Walter 26 March 2023

Someone from us needs to take initiative no one will come from other planet to help us. Self help is the best way out.

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