Sonnet.1/Looking For Love Poem by Patricia Grantham

Sonnet.1/Looking For Love

Rating: 4.8

Where are you oh! my love, oh! my love?
I have searched every corner every cove
Have spent my life waiting, anticipating
Just to get a very first glimpse of you

You're the star that lights up the ebony skies
The reflection of the moon beams in my eyes
Oh! my love my love, words can never be enough
To tell you how much I long to be a part of thee

Finally, at last I have found a love so true
A love that was only meant just for me and you
I've looked for love in all the right places
Your love has solely filled all the empty spaces

You came knocking and gladly I opened the door
My love, oh! my love, having to search for you no more

Copyright 2013

Friday, September 13, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Neela Nath Das 13 September 2013

So nice Pat.Mesmerizing diction and well-knitted structure! 10+++

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Tirupathi Chandrupatla 13 September 2013

Your love has solely filled all the empty spaces. Beautiful love poem. Thank you.

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Valsa George 14 September 2013

'Finally, at last I have found a love so true A love that was meant just for me and for you' The self satisfied tone of having found your true love is ringing loud in these lines. So you both are now two souls with a single thought and two hearts that beats as one! A beautiful love sonnet! !

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Efe Benjamin 18 September 2013

the beauty of love is perfectly defined in this poem, anticipating love, patiently waiting, hoping earnestly, surely I enjoyed reading this

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Joseph Anderson 19 September 2013

Looking for love in all the right places. A glorious and uplifting sonnet to love. Take a bow. Is remindful of sonnets from the days of yore-A beaui=10

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Musfiq Us Shaleheen 05 November 2013

yes! this is a beautiful poem as an evergreen love song.... classic smells there... it moved me... i find myself there...very nice... thanks for sharing.....

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Rigzin Namgyal 07 October 2013 is a beautiful feeling..that feeling you have beautifully weaved into words.. continue writing wonderfully like this..and it will fill all the empty spaces..

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Danny Draper 04 October 2013

The search for love and then sustaining it once found is always the trick, nice happy ending.

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Connie Marcum Wong 02 October 2013

Dear Patricia, Love is magical and when it is enduring it is the best thing in life. I agree with the sentiments in your romantic poem. I don't have much time to comment because it hurts my eyes to be on the computer for any length of time, but just wanted you to know I received your kind comments about my poetry and I thank you very much. I also watch my little year and half old granddaughter full time, so poetry is taking a back seat right now. Blessings, Lotus

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Amitava Sur 24 September 2013

The quest & anxiety for love were detailed so nicely concluding the poem with a delight after finding the love. It's lovely in deed

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Patricia Grantham

Patricia Grantham

Moncks Corner, South Carolina
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