Sweet Message To Payyton*#* Poem by Pirate Love Magic Man

Sweet Message To Payyton*#*

I miss you babe!
But I'll be easy to find
There will be a trail leading straght to my heart
Through those feathers floating in the air
For we will never be apart, not to be missed
Your wings of love that can't be seen
Are still there for you to be worn for ever
A sweet message to me from above
Your golden soul, Your unforgetable name
For eternity, will be a legacy

jennifer hall 12 December 2008

this is very beautiful..i love it

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DELETED NOW 22 August 2008

I had no idea that pay and steve went out!

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Tyease Collins 07 August 2008

awwwwww this poem is so cute! geez i wish my boyfriend could write me something like that lol Excellent work **Tyease**

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llots of love going on..cute poem..way sweet and payy said she wanted to be like me. ahah excuse me PAYYTON but no guy has written me a poem this cute, so your lucky... ...mills...

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Aw babe, I didn't think it was possible to love you more, but I guess I was wrong. I Love You! ! ! <3Payyton

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