Broken Poem by Adrian Cox


Rating: 4.9

'Mirror, mirror off the wall
how did you come to dropp and fall?

With silver slithers of pointed glass
how did this moment come to pass.

The telling crash of noise abound
a multitude of division found

strewn across a slippery floor,
you fell and now you are no more

than a memory of what used to be.
A reflection now you cannot see'.

She went out of her window.
Smashed her mind
like a pain of glass.
When she spoke
it was like sharp glass
all around me,
her clear cut logic
cut deep with transparency.

Disasters say so much,
so clearly and precisely
but with such profound impact
as to never to come out nicely.

Anjali Sinha 30 June 2009

a nice poem in free style, i suppose, though not in rhymes

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Claire Hastie 03 July 2009

I would say it does rhyme, and very well put together. A story of how one can fall to pieces, like shards from a mirror. Well done!

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Yvonne Rautenbach 04 July 2009

Adrian I like the first ten lines a lot..and it conjures up an image of a wicked Queen admiring herself..the second half of the poem see ms to qualify the first ten lines but it is another poem also in itself. Well done. We share some similar pathways and associations I think..your work is rich in metaphor simile etc which is often missing from a lot of poetry.

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Vipins Puthooran 28 September 2011

Excellet poem, (Yea, disasters say so much, So clearly and precisely) Haunting everyone with a pain in heart

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Rachel Butler 08 November 2009

'A reflection now you cannot see' Rachel Ann Butler

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Ruth Walters 12 July 2009

I kind of wanted the first part of this poem to continue in the same way all the way through, it was like two different poems in one but both good. Ruthy :)

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Bele Lele 11 July 2009

Great poem, I love some of the rhyming, good write well done.

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a meaningful beautiful poem, very well penned

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Adrian Cox

Adrian Cox

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