Naked Souls Poem by Shihabudheen K J

Naked Souls

Rating: 4.5

Souls are naked
are you confused?
Romance has no eyes.
There lies the hazy
mystery beyond imaginations.

Before Christ,
In the raining twilight,
he follows misty clouds in the moor.
Marshy bog kept in chill
a trench hidden for timeline.
Brooks halt there
for there is life unearthed.

It was nothing
but his lusty passion
for unveiled call of death.
Thou art majesty!
Patience has its depth
awaiting the whim of centuries.

She, his twilight companion
joins him from a twig of deodar.
His frozen lips got life again!
Dew drops brought mist to their bodily soul.
Her charming thighs
joined his lifeless bottom,
it too gained momentum.
The twilight pain had its glory
down the woods in burning fall.

Cyber love a myth!
she told him.
Lone voyages a sin!
He whispered upon her lips.
Their eyes endowed a cherry illusion.
Down the memories of time,
their bodies are wanting.
She is evolving.

Now completely naked flys up with his wings.
Their souls are naked.

Sally Plumb Plumb 07 December 2010

wonderful piece of writing.

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Mrs Behappy 08 December 2010

very nice poem.........

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Amy Marie 16 December 2010

Very interesting and well-written :)

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Jahan Zeb 21 February 2013

Aha Nice description of something that is a hard question. Soul is naked very interesting reference to something that has no material status or at least that is a bit beyond thinking but surely there is something like that for if you go deep into the mind you face many questions that are very hard to answer and beyond the power of man's thoughts and science lies nature. that is where our souls have to return. Nice one

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Alafe Ramat 28 May 2012

Nicely penned, keep it burning

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Neela Nath Das 08 May 2012

Souls are immortal, beyond the limitations of earthly desire.But, here I think, souls are taken as the bare truth of our true self, what it actually desires to have likes to enjoy.No, hypocrisy is there.Right?

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Indira Babbellapati 09 April 2012

soul z never naked... soul z beyond all limitations. soul dzn't need an attire. those who realise the soul operating within them are considered well clad!

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Alicia Meyers 15 December 2011

Very great poem! ! I like it!

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