The Fate Of Grandma Poem by Shihabudheen K J

The Fate Of Grandma

Rating: 4.8

Grandma's bones no more filled of calcium,
Eyes and nose resemble points on face stream.
Legs and thighs torn apart,
Pathetic belly bent onto sticks upfront.

She was heaven in the sake,
Offered them never the rake
Breastfed her six children,
Brought them well driven

Five daughters made their way,
Only drunkard son went astray
Envy scripted her daughter's text,
Never reminded their hard brought past.

Kids acted stages with brutal nerve,
Rotated her around their tables sans serve.
Unaddressed and left alone suffers,
Grandma draws mild pleasures.

Victimized herself in the Black magic,
Found salvation in soothsayers so tragic.
Together her kids ran over grandma's evil,
Blamed all curses and called her devil.

Left alone in the lonely desert,
Hunger and thirst tests her fate.
She becomes a refugee of her envious kids,
who dwell her twisting her heads.
Starving her at times,
Upon ill treated deadly fines.
I confess I alone can't support her,
For I am too in the hell of fate tier.

Thursday, December 29, 2011
Topic(s) of this poem: brutality,envy,fate,heaven
Alicia Meyers 29 December 2011

Very well written. I like it(:

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Dead Leaf 30 December 2011

hey it is really great...this sad poem shows the truth... well written

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Kemi Kemms 03 September 2012

You do have a special style and it really drawed me down!

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Sheena Datta 27 May 2012

imagery used by you is hard hitting and your pen n it's works a lot, thanks for sharing.

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Wahab Abdul 08 January 2012

very good poem...i like it....enjoyed it tooo...keeep it up..please read my new poems....

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Bella Hernandez 04 January 2012

interesting poem first a loving mother then some what a satanist? ? very contraversal dont you think? ? but very true all the same... ~Bella

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Neetha Sasidharan 31 December 2011

wow.. this is something that really happens.. grt poem...

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