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The Bird Watcher (Part 2)

Rating: 5.0

After a day long traverse far and wide
In quest of the secrecy of my pretty aves
I back in the tree house in the sanctuary for the night
While they are ensconced in the high tree fastness for the night

The weald is engulfed by the milky moonlight
And it is glistened with the dewdrops
It is unparalleled and distinctive in the moonlight
The picturesque prospect over the dale from the tree house

I am harkening a sadden serenade from afar
That breaks through the serenity of the moonlit valley
A lonely cock sings for his lost hen on their passage, perchance,
Expecting their reunion in next to no time, fervently

It’s getting feebler and feebler, as through
Ebb and away and away... far and far from me ….
There comes a flock of lovely birds, Spotted in
Dazzling silver and gold, the insignia of heavenly colours

They are around, chirruping and fawning me with their beaks
Alas! My hands, transforming to wings!
Legs to a beautiful long feathery tail!
Nails to shiny claws, lips to a set of pretty beak…!

Oh! I am! .. I am also a heavenly bird…!
Adorned with lovely feathers..!
Spotted with brilliant gold and silver…!
As pretty as they are.., as lovely as they are…!

May 11-2009 (Hawiyah - Saudi Arabia)

Jaleel Perinjanam 13 May 2009

Some times you are flying so high, see your line, '......and dry out their invisible tears in fresh breeze of freedom'. Really marvelous thoughts. And again you rocked, '....golden slanting rays and long long shadows..... and humming of swaying trees in breeze'. And at last you made it unending by transform yourself into a bird, a really heavenly bird, beyond all imaginations of Rasiya & Co., brilliant Gold and Silver spotted mystical bird! Thank you for the heavenly atmosphere you made for us.

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Noel Horlanda 13 May 2009

Now you turned into a bird, a beautiful aves I should say, grown wings and colorful feathers all over, instead of a dream comes into reality, it was the other way around, reality comes into a lovely dream. Would that be possible? I enjoyed the share my friend. Marvelous piece. Thanks.

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Subroto Chatterjee 12 May 2009

A lovely dream-like sequence...playfully done with vivid imagery. Good write. Cheers. Subroto

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Indira Renganathan 05 August 2009

For me not sitting in a tree house and watching around but reading your poem.. your words give me wings to fly are an excellent poet....thanks

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Shashendra Amalshan 02 July 2009

'Oh! I am! .. I am also a heavenly bird…! Adorned with lovely feathers..! Spotted with brilliant gold and silver…! As pretty as they are.., as lovely as they are…! ' this is an extremely lovely write indeed sir, beautiful poem.. enjoyed it to the core! ! ! ! thanks for this one! ! ! 10++ with love shan

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Edith Oram 20 May 2009

This part is even more wonderful than part 1. The imagery is superb. Very well done.

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Obinna Eruchie 19 May 2009

lovely, what a heavenly transformation. it is penned in a spiritual way.

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Angels are called the Birds Of Heaven-what a very lovely spiritual poem...very Zen like to meditate and relate to our avian friends...another ten.

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