Reflection Poem by Nooruddeen Mathilakathveetil


Rating: 4.8

Slouching beside my parents
A shabby shriveled bloke
Wrapped himself in a rug worn
Laden with a bulky bag torn

Unfolding his bulky carryall
‘Showcasing’ couple of his works
Animated with the literary styles
And so musical with the themes!

Jibes from the parents & verbose he became
Coaxing them, with the recitals repeat
And so bared the similes, couplets & metaphors
Wide eyes wrestling with the prospective buyers
Though decades and decades passed, while
Posting my poems on poetry site
Requesting attention of members agog, occasionally
Reflecting somewhere deep inside
The faded picture of that shabby bookseller,
His jaunty rhymes, imploring eyes & that unrewarded return

Jaleel Perinjanam 28 October 2009

Noordeen, The poem evolves some shabby memoirs of the past. The bliss from the dusty old grief is assorted with nostalgic environment. Why the shabby bookseller sprawling beside your parents? The link is not conceived to me as desired. The poem has a thirst to admire jovial verses of the past generation. Appreciated your effort. Admired the notion…. jaleel

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cheyenne briggs 29 October 2009

I really enjoyed this poem.It was really good and expressed many things.I got many pictures in my mind about what you where talking about.Thanks for sharing. :) (:

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Deodath Debideen 04 November 2009

Great effort, my brother! I understand. Yours may very well be my own story!

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Carol Gall 09 November 2009

if a writer of poetry is looking for fame not usually happens where every poem is liked bad with the good

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Varanasi Ramabrahmam 10 November 2009

Poetry-writing is a way to self-fulfillment. If one gets fame and money also it is a bonus. The essence remains expression of the rhythm within in a rhythmic way. Aesthetic persons always enjoy good poetry or poetry of their liking we not at any time asking to go through our verses. A nice reflective poem on poet's feelings.

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Johnathan Juarez 16 May 2012

a very nice sentimental voice. unpretentious and soothing

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Saju Abraham 26 March 2011

The poem begins so beautifully and with your unique narrative style, you portray a piece of art through the poem. But the best part is the ending where the reflection comes in. Not to forget the superb imagery. Really a perfect one for me.

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Edward Kofi Louis 26 March 2010

Great piece of work. Keep it up and let us learn from you as well. Thank you. E.K.L.

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Shona Sengupta 24 March 2010

I will be reflecting on this poem. well written.10.

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Stacy Ferkol 23 March 2010

it sounds as though your telling a story while still keeping it poetic and that your reflecting either on yourself or soeone around you

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