Convinced Me She Is…. Poem by Nooruddeen Mathilakathveetil

Convinced Me She Is….

Rating: 5.0

Is she an angel?
I asked the stars
They were dubious

The angelic smile,
The ruddy cheek and
Divine magnanimity
Convinced me she is…

Is she a glacier?
I asked the arctic mountains
They were too, dubious

The radiant beauty,
The well carved and
The blazon sculptured features
Convinced me she is…

Is she an icy mountain stream?
I asked the icy mountains
They were too, dubious

The sweet rippling gift of the gab,
The flashy blue eyes and
The wavy hair
Convinced me she is…

Her presence in my infinity dreams,
With all her grace and beauty
Made me a man of desires
Hence, whispered, I love her, I love her,

I Love you.. I Love you.. I cried, as loudly as I could
My love to hear my love
But the winds snatched it and
The clouds then, if she heard my yelps, I am dubious…

April 16-2009


this is really awesome.very true and real

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Rommel Mark Marchan 03 July 2009

you stir up my emotion seem you are writing in front of me

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Amir Forougi 04 July 2009

Very heart throbbing one.U wrote exactly in my genre.The loss of the beloved and regret.Manipulated accurately.10

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Shashendra Amalshan 05 July 2009

well this is cool, breezy nice write indeed.. filled with emotions.. i liked it very much! ! ! with lv shan

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wonderful and sweet poem filled by that hot feling of love..enjoyed it much..

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Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar 24 December 2011

a candid love poem your biography?

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Anita Trivedi 19 May 2010

Very beautiful poem........ loved it

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Sreejith Kulaparambil 13 May 2010

wow this is a beauty of romance... that every lover faces... he wants her still feels that she is too far... to reach... great poem... loved it... very much.... really beautiful...

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Adalie Hettie 17 April 2010

Well I'm convinced..... Beautiful writing!

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 09 April 2010

‘…But the winds snatched it and’ The clouds then, if she heard my yelps, I am dubious’ Touchy...I’m dumbfounded amongst dubiousness’ Loved it… 10+ Ms. Nivedita Uk

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