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** The Fever Of Terrorism **

Rating: 4.3

The contingent of virus
hidden in Trojan horse, Anopheles
breach the frail armour of epithelium.
Now intruders march in veins,
Some suicide bombers
sail in a boat of cells
Die and release
deadly chemical weapons.
The ever-faithful white cells
are ready to fight invasion.

The feverish battle ensues
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this poem is written about very strong topic 'terrorism', we all write lots about terrorism but still it keeps growing... nice poem, read my poem 'dark night' which is of similar kind.

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Bob Blackwell 01 August 2009

Anjali, terrorism like all forms of violence is a curse upon our world. It needs to be exposed again and again in poems like this. well done Thank you Bob 10++

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Miriam Maia Padua 01 August 2009

very strong write, Anju... I got a lot from this write.. really great... 10+++ lovelots, Maia

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G. Murdock 01 August 2009

This reads (to me) like Revelations or Nostradamus' quatrains. I know that ideology is blamed for the war of cultures, but poverty and deprivation are the true perpitrators. All of this for an illusion explained in a religious context and religion has very little to do with it at all. I got alot from this, thanks for sharing.

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Alen Alexander 31 July 2009

an always thought of theme, put up in an as-usual: P unique way! loved it :)

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Ken E Hall 23 May 2010

The dogs of terror..never ending, a very thoughtful write Anjali your mankind morals show through, very interesting read of truth....thankfully at 18 in the army in Gremany in a bar I said to a girl my age 'I love you ' she said I was a potato head that was my fever of terror! But alas what goes on today is no joke thanks for the message, ++++10 regards

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Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee 29 January 2010

The bands of terrorists break the defense of moral values, travel on a road of fanaticism and cruise in a ship of animosity - these are unforgettable and picturesque lines ever written by a poet.. The poetess here feels about the Armageddon....

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Raj Nandy 07 August 2009

The Trojan Horse was used for retrieving the lost honour and the stolen wife Helen! These terrorists and fundametalists have no such aim! They serve the devil and are inhumane! We all will be writing for a long time about them! For your poem 10! - Raj Nandy

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Abhijit Surve 04 August 2009

Poem like yours can so easily bring the hard truth of todays world

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Anand Kumar 03 August 2009

Well done...a very strong message in the poem.

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