The Guidelines Poem by ONElia AVElar

The Guidelines

Rating: 3.8

As long as you can,
try to stay
in the range of my heart
my most tender sensor.

Please, avoid contact
with the cold mind,
that crucifying inquisitor,
my narrow, powerful censor.

Try to be more often
in direct touch with my skin
a perfect soft mediator,
in parley between mind and heart.

Marvin Brato 08 August 2008

Indeed, to keep love glowing it must be constantly caress! A 10.

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Emancipation Planz 08 August 2008

So glad you decided to repost this... and yes.. please take promotion to Mayoress of Sofia and move from guidelines and make as Bylaw... aroha xx

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Donall Dempsey 14 August 2008

Dearest One! This is beautiful and such a wonderful image of skin that caresses the mind with its directness and beauty.Powerful poetry that touches the heart with the gentliest of touches. love Donall Donall

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Indira Babbellapati 31 August 2009

nothing can be more assuring than a little touch...

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Janice Windle 04 September 2008

What a lovely set of rules to follow - there would be no divorces if all lovers followed them. I enjoy your play on words, always meaningful, and the way you state your insights and truths so succinctly yet so gracefully.

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Tom Balch 21 August 2008

Another clever piece, I like the flow of this.

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Ashraful Musaddeq 20 August 2008

A different type of voice expressing the truth.

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Ivan Donn Carswell 19 August 2008

Simply stated appeal to physical senses before falling foul of rationality - and there is a history of wisdom in that. The idea of connecting through touch is the most basic and enduring. Rgds, Ivan

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