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The Haunting Green Gas (C) 12-8-09 - Poem by Corey Threet

In the cold black night I ride my bike back home
The air is empty and the dark makes me feel so alone
4: 07 on the dot the watch whispers to me
A little less clingy I wished her to be
Cars drive past and I swerve onto the sidewalk to be safe
Each one that goes by my heart quiescently waits
Back into the street after the black car drives past
And in the midst of the darkness rose the haunting green gas
Three figures stood covered by the fog and I’m feelin ashamed
They introduced themselves as the streets the cool and the game
So enchanting the eyes of the streets so green and rich
But paralyzing fear flowed through my veins wishing I didn’t exist
“Well, well young child, ” the one known as the game said,
“We can see the risk you’re takin and you could’ve been dead
But for a taste of her honey you decided to risk yo chances
Of seein the light of day this mornin just for seein how the wolf dances
But for the cause I applaud you on what you did
If you keep up this behavior you’ll be on hell of a kid”
The streets walked over to me and removed the glass she had
So beautiful she seemed to be but I guess I knew she was bad
But the way she rubbed my shoulder began to drive me crazy
I was caught in her trap and I wanted her to be my new lady
“She said so young you are with all your spirit and mirth
Me and my husband have been eyein you ever since birth
You’re so intelligent but you have only one weakness
Some undying love from a girl and sex terminates meekness
I love your mind and your ways you have a beautiful mind
You paint a picture for everyone one you talk to with your verbal design
You have one of the greatest ways with words not like anyone else, ”
She whispered, “And if you talked to me like that I might fall in myself.”
She sat on the front wheel of my tire with her legs spread apart
She had tattoos of different names on her chest that looked like fine art
“You know if we wanted that last car could’ve been the one that ended you, ”
Said the one with the bones hands, “But instead its best if we befriended you
We all know that girl is really into you, you should do this everyday you printed fool
You know she wants you all to herself but your heart and genitalia won’t concur
And she’d do anything so that you leavin will never occur
You got her by your finger and your minds as narrow as mine
You should be as cool as possible and stop wastin your time
I know you don’t want to live your teen years just bein faithful
You’ll remember this night that we appeared to you oh so fateful.”
The Streets got up from my tire then blew me a kiss
I moved my head to the side pretendin it missed
But I saw my hand reach out to catch the intangible thing
She walked back and they disappeared I just hope it’s a dream
I made it back home on deflatin tire and snuck into the house
Pulled out my covers and went to sleep quieter than a mouse
Is this a lesson learned, should I feel shame from bein praised by thee
My possible future from the game and havin sex with the streets
So disappointed in myself but we know that I’m such a hypocrite
So as for the rest of this event I don’t think it’s the end of it

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