The House On The Heath Poem by Sylvia Frances Chan

The House On The Heath

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I was walking in full sunlit
just the annoying wailing behind my back
the wind in full sail, that's lack
I waded through it

after all, there was no stopping it
I took shelter in the house on the heath
and that amidst early May
the wind was a tremendous beat

reminded me of days of yore
meanwhile the sun quickly disappeared
there was no goodbye to be heard
I took shelter in that house, rude winds no more

it was a very difficult job
the house was cramped and small on top
many annoying insects and small ants
i love walking very much, but this I did not plan

especially in May across the hay
when I get home safely
I'd think a long time before walking again in may
back to the house on the heath,
where I almost could not breathe

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The House On The Heath
The small house on the heath
Kumarmani Mahakul 06 May 2021

In full sunlight day the wind tells the greatest truth. The beauty we feel under warmth of greatness. A nice poem is well penned.

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M Asim Nehal 06 May 2021

To me this house looks similar to the farm house we have in India. All surrounded by wild grass, ants, insects and mosquitos. Nevertheless a house is a house which provides shelter and peace to the mind and body. Nice poem. Madam Sylvia. Full *******

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 05 May 2021

Very haunting and beautiful; almost like Edgar Allen Poe

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Sylvia Frances Chan

Sylvia Frances Chan

Jakarta, Indonesia
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