The Naked Truth Poem by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

The Naked Truth

Rating: 4.2

Have you ever wondered?
Why the Sun sets, from the east?
It’s the sign, where I leave my heart,
For the Sun to relay it to you,
In the west
Ad nauseam, the night is where
I leave my eyes to capture you
Like a Lapis Lazuli
You shine the brightest
Amongst the stars

On Earth
I’d be the Botanist
You’re the Campanula
And Knapweed
Fecundating, I grow you
To be closer
To me
You seem very buxom

I’m not here to adjudicate
You’re ineffable
I’ve become the malapropism
I want you
Like the river needs
The ocean
Like the moon needs
The night
We’re conjoined twins

Emma Adamyan 20 July 2009

i loved all. the tittle, the style. every point. u made it so truly. noble poem. worthy work. thanks

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Sameera Sameer 22 July 2009

amazing posted 10+++++

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wow..Amazing poem with wondrful images..loved it

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Denvor Fernandez 23 July 2009

Good expression.

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Christopher Montalvo 23 July 2009

This poem is so silky smooth, and the imagery is flawless.10/10

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Romeo Della Valle 03 July 2011

I take my hat off for you my brother, long time! I am speechless with this impressive masterpiece. Very simple and at the same time, very deep! This is a very catchy title. I also wrote a poem titled: A NAKED TRUTH, a different interpretation on the same subject. My brother, keep inspiring the World with your thought provoking writes! 10+++ Well deserved! Love and Peace for always!

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Elysabeth Faslund 14 October 2009

An unusual love poem indeed...old souls having found the other. Why is a sunrise have her eyes. Why is a sunset necessary...the darkness is made Light with your love. This poem speaks many things, and that is what a good poem does.xxxElys

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Alandra Moreira 11 October 2009

a meaningful write... thank you.

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Anand Madhukar 22 September 2009

A good write with well chosen words.

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Rachel Butler 21 September 2009

I’m not here to adjudicate You’re ineffable I’ve become the malapropism I want you Rachel Ann Butler

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