~~~~~the River~~~~~ Poem by Susan Williams

~~~~~the River~~~~~

Rating: 5.0

The river deep and dark
~~~flowing through the night
carrying flotsam and jetsam
~~~through the shadowy moonlight
drowning secrets upon secrets in its depths
~~~washing away the bones, washing away the blood
from the sins of mankind along its course
~~~lapping eagerly against the shores of mud
smelling of ebbing fish
~~~smelling of riverbed slime
upstream and downstream pulling everything under
~~~into the most relentless good-bye of all time
the river rippling over its shallows and rolling through its currents
~~~ever flowing ever streaming
ever burbling against the rounded smooth pebbles on its shores
~~~ever its dark lurid song dreaming
carrying memories like burnt offerings in its eddies
~~~leaving forgetfulness in its wake
River Lethe drifting thoughtlessly along
~~~toward the confluence of the Columbia and the Snake.
.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~©2017 Susan Williams.

Mj Lemon 24 May 2017

There is just the right hint of Joseph Conrad in the exceptional poem. A river has always made the perfect metaphor for self-discovery. Do we wash away the stains and the sins, or does the river reveal that we are the flotsam? The confluence is that moment of reckoning and self-discovery may be a surprise if not outright shock to some. This one goes on my favourites list! And, of course, a 10!

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Dr Dillip K Swain 25 September 2022

drowning secrets upon secrets in its depth...I sincerely appreciate and admire the fathomless depth of your poetic imagination in its truthful parlance. A precious poem.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 15 July 2022

You have sketched altogether a different river here. Loved this beautiful poem.5 stars.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 07 April 2022

Very touching and thought provoking. A river is a silent witness to mankind's activities. To my Poem List.

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Susan Williams 17 April 2022

Rose Marie--I treasure that you put this of your fav list. It is a very treasured tribute to a poem that you want to reread it. Thank you!

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 07 April 2022

The superb imagery embedded in this wonderful write made me at close range with the river. Crystalline images that can take you back to yesteryears and to the present and even future. Very encompassing.

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David Wood 12 January 2021

You painted a very vivid picture of the river that I felt I was there. A good 5*

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Susan Williams 13 January 2021

Thank you for the 5 stars---I like a starlit night sky! ! !

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Susan Williams 13 January 2021

Thank you for reading and commenting---we need to know what fellow poets think of our efforts and what they like

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Susan Williams 13 January 2021

PH wiped out my response again

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