The Statue Of Liberty Poem by s.zaynab kamoonpury

The Statue Of Liberty

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(for my personal religious twist read d last stanza)

Stands tall and hovering this great landmark lady
The world's most famous gift and token
Welcoming all into Uncle Sam's ethnic potpourri
In her vast melting pot sweet unity awoken.

Pointing as it seems to the star spangled sky
from the land of the stripes and star-spangled banner
Her torch to meet the tourist traveller's eye
while she tires not of standin' in that manner.

Ah this world famous statue
Her fans would love to have her tattoo
as she welcomes all and sundry
from her pedestal a man-made plateau.

If you ever go there
and have time to stare
View her from the colonnade
or view her from the promenade

With that well-known torch lamp
this mother of exiles champ
She does for welcome and freedom stand

A beacon beckoning upon Liberty Island.

On the Seine River stands her model return gift
just downstream from  Eiffel tower
Ah Lady Liberty's one American lady
weilding real super power.

Eiffel designed the Eiffel tower and he Lady Liberty's designer as well
And Bartholdi her sculptor, sculpted her so swell.

Extol I may this famous monument
but mine praise can't compare to 'The New Colossus'
A tribute by her own American by Emma Lazarus
Her face too for Liberty's model quite famous.

And when asked personally what I admired most about Lady Liberty
I sighed and replied, 'atleast she wasn't dressed in a mini or bikini
for liberty is not in libertine but rather in attires of modesty
Why, milady Liberty thank God you're almost dressed like me
I frown at super models whose role model in dress ain't you nor the Virgin Mary.

Sunday, October 20, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: Art
Did u know d statue of liberty was a gift present to America frm France, ? Yes it was.
Gajanan Mishra 20 October 2013

freedom stand, good write, thanks.

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Wahab Abdul 20 October 2013

wow! you are writing now an excellent poetry, love it

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Jasmine Fafanyo Awagah 20 October 2013

Thats awesome.... Great work, Just looking at the statue...all this came from it

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Ibnu Din Assingkiri 21 October 2013

wow - the last stanza really mind blowing!

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Lasoaphia Quxazs 21 October 2013

A lovely poem of the famous Lady. Very beautiful.

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Ken E Hall 04 December 2013

Great lesson on thee Statue as we have all seen its majestic stand many times enjoyable lesson to learn thanks and regards

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Mehri Mehraban 15 November 2013

A I respect the delicacy of your opinion about liberty and the style you describe this statue. For me, the Last stanza is the best part. Good luck Good luck.

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Kanav Justa 15 November 2013

, , , you described it so well, , , great work

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Joe Breunig 14 November 2013

An interesting, enjoyable and fun piece; yes, like many Americans, I knew it was a gift crafted by Bartoli; in fact, the statute's face is that of Bartoli's mother - how's that for trivia? IMHO, this piece would magnificantly shine from some editing - for me, punctuation is the polish on the gem of one's writing. -Joe Breunig, Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory

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Valsa George 06 November 2013

A beautiful description of the mammoth statue, standing proud and erect in the quiet waters of Hudson river! It is indeed an awe inspiring sight. Yes this symbol of liberty is dressed from head to foot and never liberated from the' bondage of an apparel' as many of the cine models are! Enjoyed the twist in the last stanza! ! Superb! !

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