The Awaken

The Steps You Take - Poem by The Awaken

Every choice i made every step i took-
Stick on my flesh stick to my soul!
No matter what i did and do, it wont get of without leaving open wounds behind.
So many scars left from them sticky faults
Some so deep, some hurts and some bleeds.
My heart beats faster and harder now, i try to follow it's rhytm.
It tells me something i try to understand.
Now im here and trying to tell you something.
My soul speaks to me i hear it say keep on
Survive its not time to die
Gives me a reason to keep fighting keep standing against
untill the very last dropp of blod within me.
To hold my head high, and upwards to the skyes and heavens abowe.
But i broke my wings i cant reach it.
I cant fly high fly over mountains and rivers
I cant reach the heavens.
Just if i knew that time, that tomorrow wasnt me promissed.
The burning word i left on my forehead that says 'guilty'
The winds from hell that blows trough my body and soul.
I can feel i can see it, satan's laughter that welcomes me.
So i open my hands, god are you there?
I was deaf, blind and stupid;
Can you forgive?
Im still hoping and im still waiting.
Waiting for opportunities to cleanse my self by good deeds
So here i am!
Tell me you need me, tell me you need my help!
I understand now, i understand what my heart is telling me.
What it wants and what it lives for, i hear it in its beats how it pumps it's wish trough my veins..
It tells me to tell you;
hey you! The way ur walking on right now its a dead end.
That way u'r chosing to walk on now its dark are you sure you wanna go there? -
You sure about walking on that path without knowing what awaits you and what doesnt?
So many young's like me.
They dare the world like they were immortals
Like tomorrow is them promissed, like they'll still be here tomorrow.
Like they'll still be able to turn what they messed up to good,
Like what they didnt put effort in to do, still waits tomorrow to be done!
So many souls on the edge of stamping them selves guilty
They dont see they dont hear, tho it seems like they do.
Maybe theyve just forgotten that their heart speaks to them also.
That it tryes to tell them something and tryes to truely awake them from the illussionary world of theirs.
They dont know do they, that the day will come where they'll begin to stare at mirrors
Like i do.
Just to remember who they were, or who theyve become.
Some will get angry when seeing a reflection of them self's -
some wont be able to recognise them self and ask the reflection of theirs -
Who are you stranger?
And the unknown man in the mirror will answer -
I was you once, remember?

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, December 19, 2009

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